Terms of use

Usage of the website TINKTURA

TINKTURA website www.tinktura.com can be used without usage charge for your private usage while abiding the following terms and conditions. By using the Tinktura.com Internet Store you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

The supplier of the ordered goods is Tinktura d.o.o. from Zagreb.

Tinktura d.o.o. offers the purchase of the entire range of goods that is included in the web offer through the Internet store Tinktura.com . The offer consists of hand-made cosmetic products and herbal supplements.

A customer is considered to be any person who electronically orders at least one product, fills out the required data and sends them successfully through the Registry.

Registration allows the storage of data that will be used for orders, for contact, delivery or used for advertising information about our products, new products, and discounts and special offers. Also, Registration ensures an easier implementation of orders.
All prices are in Croatian national currency, Croatian kuna (kn), with VAT included.

Users are advised to familiarize themselves with these Terms and Conditions prior to the purchase and to regularly check them to be familiar with all of their rights and obligations.

Tinktura d.o.o. reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time without prior notice and will not be liable for any possible consequences resulting from such changes. These changes will take effect by publishing on these web sites.

Tinktura d.o.o. reserves the right to terminate the service and change the content as well as other services and sub-pages that are an integral part of Tinktura.com's online store at any time without prior notice and will not be liable for any possible consequences arising from such changes. These changes will take effect by publishing on these web sites.

Tinktura d.o.o. Reserves the right to change, restrict or terminate Tinktura.com's provision of services at any time without prior notice, including, in whole or in part, or may restrict access as well as providing certain services to users who violate the terms of these Terms and Conditions.

The use of Tinktura.com services is only granted to adults. Use and use of Tinktura.com by children or juveniles is not permitted and parents and / or guardians are required to take this into account. Otherwise they assume all rights and obligations arising from such use, and Tinktura d.o.o. does not take any responsobility for any and/or all consequences of such use.


Tinktura.com does not guarantee that the photos of the product are fully compatible with the look of the product itself and are not responsible for any unintended mistakes in the product description. There may be differences in the actual product and the product's picture and the product described on this site if the manufacturer changes any of the characteristics or the content of the product. All descriptions are regularly and thoroughly checked.

We care about the safety of children and we feel that juveniles can not make a decision about using our products alone. We encourage parents to make decisions for them. Individuals under 16 can not order to protect juveniles from unauthorized use of information society services.


I) Establishing and terminating the sales contract

These Terms and Conditions, as well as certain terms of sale indicated by information on certain products, represent Tinktura.com's offer for the conclusion of the Contract and the customer as a customer by its registration, by ordering the order or otherwise determined by these Terms and Conditions, accepts it as deemed to be a contatract between Tinctura d.o.o. and the user, and under the terms of sale specified in these Terms.

The subject and the commercial purpose of the Contract is to purchase a selected product or service through Tinktura.com by paying the appropriate fee - the price of that product and/or service. The contract is concluded with the means of distance communication (a contract concluded remotely) through: printed promotional messages with the order, the telephone with human and non-mediated telephone and the Internet.

The contract shall enter into force and shall be binding from the moment when the user accepts Tinktura d.o.o. in one of the following ways:

   - By selecting the payment method and completing the order as a registered user on Tinktura.com,
   - By selecting the payment method and completing the order through the 01 3733 563 telephone line or by e-mail sent to info@tinktura.com.

a) When registering or creating a user account, the user is required to choose the name or nickname under which the services will be provided and has to select a security password and submit a valid e-mail address. All the information required to register or create a user account must be true, where it is expressly forbidden to useanother persons else's data.

b) When signing up, if you want to register via Facebook account and you want to comment and actively participate in our Facebook profile, Tinktura.com can use your full name, your Facebook account info.

c) A registration or a user account is created for only one person and it is not allowed to communicate registration information or a user account information to third parties. The user is required to store the security password and account information. You are not allowed to use someone else's registration or account.

d) In case of a violation of the Terms of this chapter, Tinktura d.o.o. reserves the right, according to a free estimate, to terminate the registration or user account of the user, without any obligation to compensate the user for any costs or damages.

e) Registration (which includes the payment of a product and / or service) is considered to be the Contract between Tincture d.o.o. and the customer as customer.

f) The contract shall enter into force upon completion of the registration of the user, or from the date on which the user accepts the bid for the conclusion of such contract.

g) Upon the conclusion of the Contract, the beneficiary will be provided with: confirmation of the contract signed, or pre-notification notice referred to in Article 57, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette, No. 41/2014, 110/15), these Terms and the Right to Information The one-sided termination of the Contract with the one-sided termination of the Contract referred to in Article 61, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Consumer Protection Act.

h) The User may unilaterally terminate the Agreement within 14 (fourteen) days without giving reasons. User is not entitled to one-sided termination of the Contract:

- If his service is fully fulfilled and fulfillment has commenced with his explicit prior consent and with his confirmation that he is aware of the fact that he will lose the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract if his service is fully met,

- If the subject of the Contract is sealed goods which, due to health or hygiene reasons, are not eligible for repatriation, if it was cleared after delivery,

- If the subject of the Contract is goods which because of its nature, after delivery, are inseparably mixed with other things.

In order for a user to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract, he / she must notify Tinktura d.o.o. (On Tinktura doo, Ivanićeva 10, 10000 Zagreb), or by e-mail at info@tinktura.com, in which you will enter your name and last name, address, phone number or email address, and may use the provided written form for the unilateral termination of the Agreement.

Also, the Single Term Discontinuance Contract, which is located at https://tinktura.com/images/uploads/obrazac-i-jednostranom-raskidu-ugovora.pdf, can be filled in and sent electronically by Tinktura d.o.o. Without delay, submit a receipt of the notification of the unilateral termination of the Contract by electronic mail.

The term of one-off termination of the Contract is 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the goods or services covered by the Contract have been submitted to the user or a third party designated by the user and which is not the carrier.

In the event that the conditions for unilateral termination of the Contract are fulfilled, the refund of the funds received from it will be effected, not including delivery costs, without delay, and no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the day Tinktura d.o.o. or Tinktura.com receives the customer's decision to unilaterally terminate the Contract. Refunds will be made in such a way that the user does not bear any costs for the return of the money. Tincture d.o.o.'s money return can only be effected after the goods have been returned and examined in what condition they have returned in respect of the fulfillment of the terms of the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract.

The user is obliged to deliver the goods or to send them to Tinktura d.o.o. (Tinktura.com), Malešnica Ulica 5/1, 10000 Zagreb, without unnecessary delay, and in any case not later than 14 (fourteen) days after Tinktura d.o.o., or Tinktura.com received the unilateral termination of the Contract . The direct costs of reimbursement of the goods are borne by the user himself. Shipment sent by courier will not be taken over.

The user is requested to call the telephone number 01 3733 563 prior to the termination of the contract or contact info@tinktura.com in order to explain the process of returning the goods.

The User is responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, except for what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods. In case of damage to the original packaging, the amount of the refund will be reduced by the percentage of the equivalent value of the goods. In that case you will be notified.

If upon request of the customer the execution of the service commenced during the unilateral termination of the Contract, the user is obligated to pay Tinktura d.o.o. The amount that is proportional to the amount delivered until the user has notified Tinktura d.o.o. O unilateral termination of the Agreement.

Link to download the unilateral termination of the Agreement/Contract


II) Terms and buying process

The main characteristics of the product, the way of its use, the prices, the special actions and the benefits, the means of payment and delivery, apply to those that are valid at the time of the order concluded. The above information will be indicated with each product.

The price of the product and the delivery service, including the VAT amount, are visible in the shopping cart before the order is signed. Delivery cost may be visible even on some other parts of the site. All purchase order confirmation information based on an electronic order will be delivered to the customer's email address specified in the registration / order form or in the shopping cart when entering the order information when ordering. All prices are in Croatian Kuna (HRK). All prices have VAT included. The same price of all items will also be listed on the account to be delivered together with the goods.

If the buyer does not receive the order confirmation message, there may be a mistake in entering the address of your email. In this case, please us at: info@tinktura.com or at 01 3733 563 to help our Customer Service to realize the order. We're gladly gonna do it for you.


III) Shipping and Delivery Terms
a) The shipping cost will be calculated automatically when purchasing the product and you will be issued an invoice containing the price of the purchased products and the delivery price.

b) The shipping cost in the Republic of Croatia is 25 HRK for orders in the amount of 400HRK and is free of charge for orders above 400KG regardless of the weight, volume or address of the customer. Additional costs may arise in case of sending abroad. More information about Shipping can be found HERE.

c) The delivery time of the product, which is stated to be on stock, throughout the whole of Croatia is 3-5 working days from the date of the completed order, in accordance with DPD delivery time limits and other delivery services

d) The delivery time for products that are under a special delivery regime may be somewhat longer 2-4 business days, in accordance with DPD's long-distance DPDs and other delivery services

e) In case of changing the delivery time or any other important circumstances for the execution of the order, the customer will immediately notify by our customer service


IV) Complaints and Objections

Ordered products are packaged in a way that they will not be damaged by the usual manipulation in transport / delivery. We pack your every product and we also protect it with specialized transport packaging.

The buyer is obliged to check the package upon receieing. If the packaging of the consignment has visible defects / disadvantages, we recommend that the buyer refuses to receive it, as there is a possibility that the product within such packaging is damaged. By rejecting the receipt, the delivery service will fill out the Damage Record and return the shipment to Tinktura.com, with the note that the shipment contains a shortage.

Complaints about product shortage and all other objections may be made in writing by electronic or regular mail:

    to the e-mail address: info@tinktura.com,
    to the address: Tinktura d.o.o., Ivanićeva 10, 10000 Zagreb.

In the case of a justified complaint, it is possible to terminate the contract by repaying the amount paid or replacing the same product or other product in the same countervalue, ie with the addition or refund of part of the funds if necessary. In the event of damage and / or defect of the goods delivered, the customer should send a picture of the above claim to info@tinktura.com to be considered on the basis of subsequent physical evidence. Tinktura.com performs the collectionof damaged, defective, or incorrectly delivered goods at its own expenses if it is established that the claim is justified and that the customer has not affected the malfunction, damage or any lack of merchandise. In the case of a legitimate claim within the terms of the Mandatory Relationship Act, the entire cost of replacing the product with the new one is entirely borne by Tinktura.com.

In the case of a dispute about the justification of the complaint and / or the authenticity of the product and if the buyer, based on a subjective assessment, finds that he or she has not received an adequate product and / or service, it is customary in the business practice to report the case to one of the competent institutions. The competent and official bodies then make all necessary checks to ascertain the correctness and respect of the applicable laws. Upon the decision of both parties, both the buyer and the seller, they receive the specified record. Such an official record of an independent body shall be considered as relevant and sufficient to complete the reclamation process.


V) Payment procedure and method

Payment of product prices and shipping costs can be done in one of the following ways:

a) Payment by cash - upon delivery. When picking up the shipment, the seller pays the full amount indicated in the invoice including the shipping cost.

b) Payment by Internet Banking. Products for which an order has been concluded can be paid through the internet banking of any bank. After a successful order, Tinktura.com delivers all necessary payment information by e-mail.

c) Payment by a slip. Products for which an order has been concluded may be paid by payment through a general payment account in all branch offices of FINA or Croatian post offices. After successful orders, Tinktura.com delivers all necessary payment information by e-mail.

d) Payment by credit or debit card. Ordered products can be paid online one of the credit cards:

     One-time American Express, MasterCard, Diners Visa or Maestro
     2-6 American Express, Diners, Visa or Maestro (issued by PBZ)


Each of the above mentioned payment methods may include a fee under the terms of payment. This fee is paid by the payer alone and it is not reimbursable from Tinkture d.o.o.

American ExpressDiners Club InternationalVisaMasterCard MaestroDiscoverDinacard MasterCard® SecureCode™Verified By VisaWSpay™ - Web Studio payment gateway


Tinktura.com respects the anonymity and privacy of the users of Tinktura.com Internet Store and will use and process the information exclusively for the purpose specified in these Terms. Tinktura.com can collect personal user information such as name, address, OIB, phone number or e-mail address only if the same user voluntarily delivers them to Tinktura.com.

Tinktura.com will use this information solely for the purpose of fulfilling the contractual obligations and for better understanding and comprehension of the individual needs, habits and requirements of users as well as further development and better quality of all Tinktura.com services. Tinktura.com collects, processes and publishes user information regarding the use of Tinktura.com without revealing the identity of the user and / or personal data that enables the identification of the user's identity.

Tinktura.com collects and records information about the Internet Protocol Address (IP) or the location of the computer for the purposes of system administration, troubleshooting, content retrieval or enhancement of technical aspects of the Internet service. Tinktura.com will automatically record user information about the habits of using Tinktura.com, including a log file about the visit of certain pages and / or content. Such information will be used exclusively by Tinktura.com for the purpose of enhancing its services and for customizing and individualizing promotional activities to the needs of a particular user.

Tinktura.com does not capture your credit card number or stores the transaction data. Tinktura.com uses third party services, an authorized bank, which encrypts your data for credit card payment.


By registering and purchasing, you agree that Tinktura.com may, for the purpose of promoting the service and products, inform you by email of changes or add content to pages, discounts, actions, products or changes in the manner of provision of services. The user may at any time revoke the said consent.


VI) External Services

Services provided by the Tinktura.com internet store does not include the costs you incur by using computer equipment and services to access our site. Tinktura d.o.o. Is not responsible for the cost of the phone or any other costs that may be incurred.

Availability of Tinktura.com's Online Store
The availability of online web store is 00-24h of all 365 days a year. Although Tinktura.com d.o.o. is striving to provide the best possible service delivery, Tinktura d.o.o. can not guarantee that the services at Tinktura.com will suit your needs.
Tinktura d.o.o. Also can not guarantee that the service will be error-free. The pictures are of informative character and may deviate from the actual condition if the manufacturer for some reason changes the look of the packaging design. The product name may contain additional information as to whether it is balm, cream, tincture, etc. If an error occurs, please contact us by sending an E-mail to info@tinktura.com to resolve it as soon as possible. Access to Tinktura.com's internet store may sometimes be unavailable due to regular maintenance or introduction of new content.


VII) Intellectual Property
The contents of Tinktura.com Internet Store are also protected by Tinktura d.o.o. realizing the unique right to use it. For any commercial use of the content on Tinktura.com you must contact Tinktura d.o.o. At info@tinktura.com.

Company information
Tinktura d.o.o. for trade and service
OIB: 31423968290
Ivanićeva 10, Zagreb
Core capital: HRK 20,000.00
Director: Željka Čolak


The team from Tincture




  • The cost for all shipment up to 400,00 kn is 25,00 kn, and is free for orders above 401,00 kn, regardless of the payment method.
  • Packages are sent on workdays within 24 – 72 hours.
  • Package delivery to the home door within two days ordering, except on weekends.
  • Delivery is done in all cities and places within Croatia with a few exceptions (smaller islands etc...).
  • Your telephone number is mandatory so that the delivery servce can contact you if needed.



    The cost of delivery for EU member states is from 74 to 125 kn, depending on the place of delivery and the method of payment
     Delivery for Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg, Hungary, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the United Kingdom is 74kn for card payment and 93kn for bank transfer payment
     Delivery for Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden is 125kn and only card payment is possible
     We send via DPD Delivery Service
     Delivery to EU Member States is free for orders over € 100
     The package is sent on working days within 24-72 hours from the visibility of the payment


Payment methods


The following payment methods are available on our web site:

  • cash on delivery (for orders inside of Croatia only)

  • payment on our account/direct bank transfer (for orders inside of Croatia only)
  • card payments

Payment on our account/ direct bank transfer

After selecting this payment option, you will receive an automatic email - order confirmation after you processed your order. in that email you will find all information needed to make the payment: the bank account info, the amounth and the order details.

If you are not using any kind of e-banking, print the order confirmation you received and simply pay it at any place where you normally pay your bills. We send ordered good only after we received the payment for the goods.

Cash on delivery

We send these ordered products immediately, and will be charged to you by the courier when delivering the order. Please be aware that at the time of delivery you have to prepare the exact amount because your courier will not always be able to return the change.

Card payment

For orders from outside of Croatia, there is the possibility of card payments. Once you choose this payment method you will be redirected to the WS Pay Card Payment Module.

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian kuna according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site.

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WSpay™ - Web Studio payment gateway


Terms of sale

General terms of online purchase / sale

The procedure and the terms of purchase / sale of goods through Tinktura's Webshop Internet shop are defined through the following parameters: ordering, payment, shipping, delivery, return / reclamation of goods.

The supplier of the ordered goods Tinktura d.o.o., Matije Ivanića 10 / Malešnica 5/1 – production and and store, 10000 Zagreb. A customer is considered to be an adult person who electronically orders at least one product, fills out the requested information and sends it to the Tinkturs Webshop – Tinktura d.o.o.  All prices are in Croatian national currency, Croatian kuna (HRK), VAT included. They do not include the delivery cost.


Visitiors of Tinktura's Webshop can order and buy as a guest or as a registered user.

1. No registration, insert the product to cart and go to the checkout. The options are cash on delivery or by direct bank transfer for orders delivered inside of Croatia and bank payment and direct bank transfer for for orders delivered to member states of the European Union.

2. Registration: Except through the purchase process, you can register by clicking on the "Login" option at the top right of the screen and then selecting "Registration". Simply fill out the form with your information (name, last name, e-mail address, address, phone number, passwort).

At every purchase you need to log in, entering the data from your registration, which calls on to your profile as a customer. To register you must be 18 years or older. By creating an account at our Web Store, you can quickly and easily go through the purchasing process, set up multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders and much more, also be the first informed about promotions and coupons.

3. Quick order – send the name of the product, your name and last name, address, zip code, and phone number to info@tinktura.com or call +3851/3733 563

Buying process

Whether you are a registered user or purchasing as a guest, the buying process is as follows: Choose the desired item. For more information on the chosen item, please click on the image or the name of it, after which you will be redirected to the more information about the product.

By pressing "Add to cart" the product will be automaticly placed into your cart. In the cart you have an overview of all the items you have chosen (added to cart), the price and the quantity. You can change the amount of an item by entering the desired amount in the "Quantity" field. If you want to empty the cart, click on the "Clear" option next to each item on the right of the product (click on the cross).

When you have completed the selection of the desired items and decided to buy them, click on "Go to payment" below the total and follow the data entry process. Enter the address you want us to provide you with the purchased goods. The next step will show you the amount of the postage.

The payment options availble in Tinktura's Webshop are direct bank transfer, payment on delivery and card payment.

Goods are considered as orderes at the moment when the customer finishes the whole ordering process. The customer will receive an order confirmation on the e-mail left in the checkout for the order.

In case you did not receive this email please check the cart, if the cart is empty after your order please contact us via phone on +3851/3733 563 (mon-fri 9.00-17.00) or send us an email on info@tinktura.com

Tinktura d.o.o. is obliged to deliver all the ordered products which at the time of delivery are in stock. If Tinktura d.o.o. is unable to deliver any of the products ordered, it will contact the buyer of the goods by phone or e-mail as to the agreement on the time of delivery or cancellation of the ordered product. All other ordered products will be delivered. The amount paid for the goods we can not deliver will be refunded the same way it was paid.


In our web shop the following payment methods are available:

  • Cash on delivery/ Payment upon receiving the package
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Card payment

Shipping goods


Ordered products are packed in such a way that they will not be damaged during delivery. When purchasing the goods, the buyer is obliged to check the condition of the consignment and, in the case of damage, immediately report the product to the supplier. The Seller waives any liability in connection with any damages that might arise during the delivery.


We use the delivery service for delivery. If you have paid via e-banking shipment we are sending the package a recommended one, and if you have opted for cash on delivery then we are sending it recommended while you pay the amounth to the deliverer. Delivery time within Croatia is 24-48 hours, except for islands where delivery may take longer and extreme weather conditions ( Snow, floods, etc.).


Delivery time outside of Croatia is 5-15 days. The client is responsible for paying taxes and duties in accordance with the laws of his country. Više u rubrici dostava.


  • For Croatia – flat rate: 25,00HRK up to 2 kg.
  • Free shipping for orders inside of Croatia above 400HRK
  • The shipment outside of Croatia is calculated via Country and Payment option

Delivery time and packaging: We deliver the ordered goods on a business day, within 1-2 days of the order receipt. Your package will be delivered to the address you entered as a contact. Please make sure you entered the correct postal address and telephone number in the checkout.

Important note: If you notice damage to the item when picking up/receiving the item, please contact the delivery agent immediately and open the shipment with them. If any of the products have been damaged, together with the delivery agent, make a record of damage to the shipment with your signature and delivery address. One copy of the record remains with you and the other goes to the delivery company. Please contact us regarding any damage so as to cover as soon as possible the resulting damage.

Undelivered shipment: If the buyer does not receive the goods or delivery notice in the expected time, and the expected time is up to 3 business days, the buyer is obligated to notify the seller by e-mail info@tinktura.com or by telephone at 01/3733 563 (Mon-Fri 9:00 - 17.00) to take action to find the shipment.

Additional costs for returned packages: If the buyer refuses to receive the goods or does not raise it in the courier office after the delivery note has been left, the seller has the right to demand from the buyer reimbursement of all delivery costs.

Return of Goods / Complaints

Seller agrees to deliver a product that matches the description stated on the Tinktura's web site. All pre-packaged products are reviewed and checked for correctness, and if you notice any damage, please notify us immediately by e-mail at info@tinktura.com.

If the contents of the shipment do not match the order, we will return the shipment to our expense and we will send you the correct product at our expense. Replacement items are sent after receipt of disputed items, but only if all conditions of product replacement are met. The seller is obligated to deliver a product that matches the description stated on the web site's web site. All pre-packaged products are reviewed and checked for correctness, and if you notice any damage, please notify us immediately by e-mail at info@tinktura.com.

The product must be returned in its original packaging, unused and undamaged (if the reason for the complaint is no damage to the product) with the original invoice received by the buyer with the delivered item. Otherwise, we will NOT accept the complaint.

The image that illustrates the product on the web page corresponds to the actual appearance of the product, but there may be small differences in color due to a photo or monitor, and the buyer can not advertise this segment. The Seller is not liable for any damages or other damages that arise in the domain of the deliverer (the company that carries out the delivery of the product). In case the shipment arrives damaged in the carriage, return the same to the delivery agent at our address and you will be sent a new shipment with the correct items at our expense.

Please note that along with the items that are returned, changed or advertised, you must attach the original documentation supplied with the items. Items must be returned in the original packaging and properly protected to prevent product damage during transport.

Right of Contact Termination

The buyer has the right to terminate the contract in accordance with Article 44 of the Consumer Protection Act.

If delivery for any reason has been made prior to the receipt of a contract termination notice, the customer may terminate the contract with the payment of the packaging and delivery service in a contractual amount of 50.00 HRK with VAT included and if the delivery costs exceed the contracted amount in the amount of the delivery costs .

Immediately upon receipt of the contract termination notice, Tinktura d.o.o. will inform the customer by e-mail that the delivery has already been made and is obliged to pay the contractual costs of packaging and delivery in the amount of 50.00 HRK with VAT included, ie the amount of delivery costs if they exceed the amount of 50.00 kn.

In the event that the contract is terminated after the delivery of the product, the buyer is obliged to return the product undamaged and packed in its original packaging at its own expense.

Delivery is deemed to be made at the time Tinktura d.o.o. delivered the product to the delivery service.

Tinktura d.o.o. will pay the amount paid back to the buyer by the amount of the order relating to the contractual amount of the cost of the packaging and delivery if the above assumptions have been met.

Submitting consumer complaints

In accordance with Art. 8 (2) of the Consumer Protection Act (Nov., No. 79/07, 125/07 - Official Gazette, 79/09 and 89/09), inform consumers that complaints about the quality of our services can be Delivered in writing to the following address: Tinktura d.o.o., Matije Ivanića 10, 10000 Zagreb.
The reply to your complaint will be returned in writing no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. Please provide your information in the complaint: name and last name, reply address.


Privacy policy

We don't like spam either !!!


Tinktura d.o.o. is committed to keeping the privacy of all our customers.

With this statement, we pledge to protect the privacy of users, customers and visitors of our websites and the security of personal information provided to us through the web site.

This notice describes the type of information we can collect from you when you visit our website, explains how we use this information and the steps we take to protect them. The notice also describes the choices offered to you have regarding the collecting and the using of your information when visiting our website.

What information do we collect and how do we use it?

In general, you can visit our website without disclosing personal information about yourself. We do not collect personal information about you (such as your name and contact details) when you visit this website unless you voluntarily submit data using one of the available forms for a particular purpose (contact form, registration form, shopping form, subscribe to the newsletter) and thereby give your privacy to the collection and use of your personal information for the purposes mentioned. All personal data is used solely for the purposes for which they were collected and for which they were granted. Personal data processing privileges can be provided by persons over 16 years of age or older, while parents or custodians may benefit from a privilege of less than 16 people. Purchases can only be made by persons over 16 years of age or older. We will not make the collected data in any way available to unauthorized third parties, except for the legally prescribed purpose. All data is deleted upon termination of the purpose for which it was collected or termination of the contractual relationship and no later than the expiration of all legal obligations related to the retention of personal data.

Here are some additional circumstances in which we will share your information with authorized third parties and additional purposes for which we use your information:

Providing Information to Google Inc.
Google collects information through our use of Google Analytics on our website. Google uses this information, including IP addresses and cookie data, for multiple purposes, such as improving our business via given feedback. Information is shared with Google on an anonymous basis. To find out more about what information Google collects, how to use this information, and how to control information sent to Google, see the Google Privacy Policy partner page. You can opt out of Google Analytics by installing the following plug-in to your browser: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

Facebook pixel / conversion tracking
With your permission, our website uses Facebook's Pixel Conversion Tracking. In this way, we can track your movement when you click on Facebook ad and monitor the effectiveness of Facebook ads for the purposes of statistics and market research. The data we collect is completely anonymous. Nevertheless, the collected information is stored and processed by Facebook (in accordance with their policy of using the data you can find on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/). Facebook Conversion Tracking allows Facebook and its partners to show you ads on and off the Facebook. A cookie will be stored on your computer for this purpose. (If you want to cancel your consent visit the link: https://www.facebook.com/ads/website_custom_audiences/)

Share data with our accountant for tax purposes. For example, we share the invoices we issue and receive with our accountants for the purposes of completing tax returns and accounts at the end of the year.

Types of personal data processed

Personal information collected on the basis of the contact form are: first name and last name and e-mail, and in addition if specified: address, city and postal code, telephone number, company.
The personal information collected on the basis of your application to the newsletter is: e-mail address.
Personal information collected on the basis of the registration form and the shopping form: country, name and surname, company name, email, address, flat floor etc., city and zip code, phone number.

Information that is automatically collected on our website

We automatically collect information in server log files, such as your IP address, browser type, redirection / exit page, and operating system. We use this information to manage our web pages and our technical solutions, understand how visitors move through our website and services and improve your experience while using our website and services.


Rights of the respondent:

We provide the conditions for you to decide on processing your personal information. First of all, we have the following rights:


Right to access

You have the right to request confirmation of whether we process your information and, if so, get access to that information. In case we handle a larger amount of data pertaining to you, we may ask you to specify your request for delivery of specific data groups about you, for example, your order number.


Right to correct

In case you notice that inaccurate or incomplete data of your are processed, or you want to change them, you have the right to request correction of the same i.e. incomplete personal data. In order to ensure that we always handle only accurate personal information about you, it is necessary that you inform us with any changes as soon as possible.


Right to Delete ("Right to be Forgotten")

Deleting personal data may be required, for example, if you have withdrawn your privacy to process your particular information when your personal data is processed illegally or when your data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed in any way. However, please be assured that we will not be able to delete your information if they are needed to comply with legal obligations, contractual obligations, and other legal grounds in the Privacy Policy.


Right to limit processing

You have the right to obtain a limit on the processing of your personal information, which may be requested, for example, if you have filed a complaint against the processing of data, doubt about the accuracy of the personal data processed or the lawfulness of their processing, but you do not want these data to be deleted or you still need it for other purposes.


Right to data portability

If the processing is based on your preference or is done for the purpose of executing the contract concluded with you, and is executed at the same time by automated means, you have the right to receive the personal information we have received from you. If requested, we will transfer your personal data directly to the other processing manager if this is technically feasible.


Your right to file in a complaint

At any time, given your special situation, you are authorized to file a complaint about the processing of your personal information, which is why we will limit the processing of your personal information. Also, we will disclose this information and stop processing unless we prove that there are reasoned and legitimate legal grounds for processing for processing. In addition, you may at any time have the right to object to the processing of your personal information for purposes of direct marketing. After filing your complaint, your personal information will stop processing for this purpose.


Complains to the supervisory body

If you consider that the processing of your personal data is in contradiction with the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority. For the territory of the Republic of Croatia, the Supervisory Authority is the Personal Data Protection Agency with headquarters at: Martićeva ulica 14, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, web: http://azop.hr/, tel: +385 1 4609 000.


Withdrawing your consent

If the processing of your personal information is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw that information at any time, without any consequences.

electronically to the following e-mail address: info@tinktura.com
via mail to the following address: Tinktura d.o.o., Malešnica 5/1, 10090 Zagreb

Remark - When applying for a request, the applicant's identification is required to protect you as the owner of the personal information.


Security of your personal information

We are committed to taking appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized or unlawful handling and their accidental loss, destruction or damage. When submitting your personal information through our website, this information is sent over the Internet safely through high-quality encryption and stored on our secure servers located in the EU. We care about the safety of children and we feel that juveniles can not make a decision about using our products alone. We encourage parents to make decisions for them. As individuals under 16 can not order to protect juveniles from unauthorized use of information society services.


Solving Misunderstanding or Additional Questions:

To resolve possible misunderstandings or simply to ask any additional questions, please use the phone number 01 3733 563 or e-mail address info@tinktura.com.


For any additional questions you can contact us at:

Tinktura d.o.o.

Malešnica 5/1, 10090 Zagreb


Telephone: 01 3733 563

E-mail: info@tinktura.com



Using cookies

This website and its online services can use cookies to improve the service.
The decision to allow the use of cookies on this website is entirely yours. It should be noted that the site works optimally only if cookies are enabled.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that your browser saves on the disk when you visit our website. This allows our website to recognize your computer when you visit us next time so that we can offer you a more personalized experience. Cookies are not aimed at spying on a user and do not follow all that the user is doing and are not a malicious code or virus. Also, cookies are not related to unwanted messages or spam, they can not save a password and are not intended solely for advertising. Information such as your name or email address will not be saved - the website can not access your personal information and files on your computer.

In order to use cookies in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act, the Personal Data Protection Act, EU Directives 2002/58 / EC and 95/46 / EC and the GDPR directive, we need your consent.

Types of cookies

  • Cookie Sessions and Permanent Cookies
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  • First and Third Party Cookies
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    • Third-party cookies are cookies that are placed by other websites or services such as YouTube. We have no access or control over these cookies. You should consult the relevant third party privacy policy. If you are in the European Union, you can learn more about how third-party users use this type of cookie on the following link: http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/.
  • Necessary and other cookies
    • Necessary cookies are necessary for the operation of our website and the use of its features and / or services. For example, they allow you to navigate through the website and sign in to safe areas. By using this website you will automatically be granted access to the necessary cookies without which the website can not work.
    • Performance cookies collect information about how visitors use our website, for example, which pages visitors most often come across and receive error messages from those pages. These cookies do not collect the information that identifies the visitor. All information collected by these cookies are anonymous. They only serve to improve the functioning of this website.
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    • Marketing cookies are used to track visitors through the web site. It is intended to show ads that are relevant and interesting to a particular user, and thus more valuable to publishers and third-party advertisers.

Cookies used on this website:

    • The cookies with the name PHPSESSID contain only a reference to the session stored on the web server. No data is stored in the user's browser and this cookie can only be used on the current website.
    • First party cookies
    • Session Cookie
  • cc_cookie_accept
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  • exp_
    • Various cookies that start with 'exp_'. These cookies are set by our content management system and include information such as: When you last visited our website, the previous pages you viewed, the length of the registered user session, session ID ... We use this information only for better functionality of the website. 'exp_csrf_token' is used to send forms on a page, this is a unique and random set of numbers and letters that protects our web site from spammers.
    • First party cookies
    • exp_csrf_token and exp_tracker are session cookies, rest are permanent cookies
    • exp_cart duration 24h, does not collect personal information, used only to indentify your cart
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How to accept or reject cookies

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