Sugar Body Peeling


Sugar body peeling

For all skin types, for skin regenerate

When was the last time you treated yourself to a body scrub? If you do not remember, just one look at your skin is sufficient and will give you the best answer. If the neck, shoulders and chest, which are most under the attack of curious eyes, have a clearly visible accumulations of sebum, the skin is dry and crying out for smoothness, consider adding sugar body scrub to your regular skin care routine. Not just any, only the best with 100% natural ingredients.

Your skin will be grateful smile

Maybe you did not know, but those who use it regularly have a much more beautiful, silky smooth skin and fewer wrinkles and accumulation of sebum because the removal of dead skin cells promotes the regeneration and helping it quickly to restore.

It’s great for the whole body, feet, knees, elbows, hands, especially against ingrown hairs after leg depilation as well as  withenlarged pores.

Rub it into the skin gently in a circular motion three to five minutes in the shower and then rinse with water.

Our peeling made from sugar, cocoa butter, and bergamot, vanilla and orange essential oils perfectly smoothes, softens dry and rough skin, improves its texture and best of all has a perfect massage effect.

Sugar removes dead skin cells and stimulates its renewal. Cocoa butter soothes dry skin, protecting it from harmful environmental effects, reduces the formation of stretch marks and maintaining its elasticity. In Africa, it has already been used for centuries for skin care, thanks to its superb moisturizing properties.

For the fresh, sweet citrus scent found in our sugar scrub, the essential oil of bergamot is credited, which relaxes, improves the mood and has a long history of use in the care of greasy and problematic skin, as well as scars, stains and many inflammatory skin conditions. Its fragrance is a popular ingredient in many perfumes because it creates a sense of freshness, joy and energy, reduces the feeling of pain in the body, also very useful in case of headaches, sprains, muscle pain or other symptoms or diseases that require a dose of painkillers. It calms and reduces tension and anxiety, helps with the symptoms associated with stress, such as insomnia, high blood pressure and depression. It relaxes the nerves and muscles, gives fast relief from spasms and painful muscle contractions.

The essential oils of vanilla and orange also acts refreshing and relaxing. Vanilla is used for dry and sensitive tired skin and as a massage in stressful body condition, general body weakness, hysteria, insomnia and fatigue. The smell of orange helps in treating swollen tissue by stimulating blood circulation, stimulates the production of collagen by increasing blood flow through the skin, and is particularly useful for dry skin prone to acne and skin irritations.

In addition to being an excellent skin nourisher, thanks to its oils, it instantly elevates mood, relaxes, reduces tension and showering or bathing becomes a pleasure!

Get your skin ready for new challenges!


Reviews for Sugar Body Peeling

  1. 54321


    Šećerni piling za tijelo kupila sam prije nekoliko dana i savršen je!!!!
    Ovo je definitivno najbolji piling koji sam koristila!!!

  2. 14321


    U ovom proizvodu oristite cl 19140 - tartrazine koji je zabranjen za korištenje u nekim država (Austrija i Norveška) zbog povezanosti s negativnim posljedicama kao letalnim napadom astme, kontaktnim dermatitisom i urtikarijama, ekcemima, oštećenjem DNA (te tumorom štitnjače i limfomima u nekim studijama što nije još potpuno potvrđeno). Neugodno sam iznenađena da ste išli s nečim takvim u svojim proizvodima, obzirom da sam vas hvalila kako izbjegavate takve supstance.

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32121Rating 3.00 out of 5

INCI: Sucrose, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Potassium Bitartrate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil, Fragrance

180 gr.

Scrub it into the skin with gentle, circular motions 3-5 minutes under the shower. Rinse afterwards.

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