Solid Shampoo Bar 2 in 1


For all skin types!

If your hair requires perfect care, reach for our Solid Shampoo Bar 2 in 1 which contains conditioner!

Our Solid Shampoo Bar 2 in 1 contains precious macadamia oil, argan and jojoba oil which restore moisture and shine to dry and damaged hair.

Solid Shampoo Bar 2 in 1

Macadamia oil – contains natural UV protection. Monounsaturated acids protect the scalp and hair from damage and give your hair the necessary moisture while Vitamin E rejuvenates and softens. Macadamia oil removes electricity from the hair, facilitates its design, giving it extra shine and making it silky, light and smooth. Macadamia contains vitamins A and E and squalene, which is used for the synthesis of vitamin D and protects the hair against UV rays and from cracking.

Argan oil nourishes and protects the scalp from dandruff and deeply moisturizes hair root. This oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acid, carotene and vitamin E. Restores shine to dry and damaged hair, improves its growth, helps with split ends. It hydrates the hair, improves elasticity and stimulates growth.

Jojoba oil moisturizes and nourishes the hair and stimulates the scalp. It stimulates hair growth and is effective against dandruff and seborrhea. It is recommended for dry hair as it restores shine and it is excellent for dyed hair. For centuries, it has been used to stimulate hair growth, and it has antibacterial properties so it can be used to treat dandruff and eczema.

Cocoa butter is rich in lipids, fatty acids and active ingredients so it softens, moisturizes and nourishes the hair.

Magnolia oil moisturizes the hair and restores the protective film which gives the hair a natural shine. Gives the hair an intense glow, restructures and protects the hair.

Orange essential oil and vanilla oil balances the scalp, makes hair soft, improve volume and help to maintain a healthy pH balance of the scalp. Wet your hair and then massage shampoo bar in small circular motion until it foams. Rub it in your hair and massage your scalp and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process depending on desire and enjoy the clean glistening hair.

Reviews for Solid Shampoo Bar 2 in 1

  1. :

    Poštovani, inače nikada ne pišem recenzije, ali za ovaj proizvod jednostavno moram. Tri puta sam oprala kosu s ovim šamponom i ne da sam zadovoljna, nego PREZADOVOLJNA!!!!!!! Kosa mi se dosta masti i imam ogromne probleme s peruti, naročito kada sam pod stresom i isprobala sam šampona i šampona, od onih skupih iz ljekarne pa do onih jeftinih i niti jedan nije pomogao ili je pomogao samo kratak period i onda sve ispočetka, a s ovim šamponom vidim poboljšanje nakon svega nekoliko puta korištenja!!!! Uopće ne sumnjam da ću nakon dužeg period korištenja biti još zadovoljnija ako je to uopće moguće…Sve pohvale za rad i na kvaliteti proizvoda!!!!!! Lp, Antonija

  2. :

    hvala Vam na komentaru, jako nam je drago da ste zadovoljna korisnica naših proizvoda,
    Srdačan pozdrav!

  3. :

    Savršenstvo! Kosa je čista, mirišljava, meka, lako se raščešljava, miris ovog šampona je jednostavno neodoljiv! smile

  4. :

    Sampon je savrsen!
    Vec nakon prve primjene kosa je meka i mirisljava!
    Lako se nanosi…
    Priznajem, malo sam bila sumljicava prema tome, ali vise nisam! Od sad na dalje koristim samo vase proizvode za sve.
    You are the best! Hvala jer postojite ❤❤❤❤

  5. 54321


    Sampon je odlican! smile  S obzirom na moj tip kose nikad nisam bila fan sampona koji su ujedno i regeneratori jer nikad nisu bili dovoljni te sam svejedno na kosu nakon pranja stavljala regenerator.
    Nakon pranja kosa je cista i mirisljava do 4 dana, dobro se rascesljava i ne petlja se. Veliki je plus i to sto ovaj sampon ne sadrzi sulfate.. Sve pohvale! smile

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54321Rating 5.00 out of 5

INCI: Sodium Coco Sulfate, Sea Salt, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Panthenol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Fragrance

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