Shampoo Lime


Lime, lemon and grapefruit in the service of the beauty of your hair!

A true fruit rhapsody

You know the expression, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. In this case the saying goes: When life gives you lemons, squeeze it and use it for your hair care :

Shampoo Lime is made from natural fresh squeezed lemon, lime and grapefruit juices – excellent allies who moisturise your hair, leaving it shiny and silky. It is suitable for all hair types, especially oily hair and hair prone to dandruff.

Lemon juice:

helps with scalp problems, a rich source of vitamins B, C and phosphorus, which prevents damage to the hair and stimulate its growth. It is very suitable for oily hair because it reduces the production of sebum, soothes itchy scalp, helps with hair loss, problems with the scalp and dandruff, increases radiance and stimulates hair growth.

Fresh lime juice:

  • Helps with dandruff – Dandruff is, without doubt, one of the most common hair problems. Lime juice is often used in anti-dandruff shampoos. The citric acid in the juice of lime is very effective and helpful in solving the problem of dandruff.
  • Helps with greasy hair – Oily hair is caused by excess sebum secretion of the sebaceous glands causing the hair to becomes greasy, sticky and dull-looking. Lime juice frees your skin of sebum excess.
  • Stimulates hair growth – lime juice is very helpful in promoting hair growth. It can be helpful in the treatment of baldness, with hair thinning and hair loss. The main ingredient that stimulates hair growth is vitamin C, which is present in large quantities in the lime.
  • For shiny hair – lime juice can provide your hair with the so much desired glow. Your hair will be silky smooth and radiant.

Grapefruit is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and can be very beneficial for your hair.

Grapefruit oil:

  • stimulates hair growth,
  • stimulates scalp circulation and
  • favors oily hair, but also all other types of hair

If you suffer from constantly itching scalp due to unwanted dandruff, get rid of it with grapefruit oil that will also give your hair an incredible shine while at it.

Shampoo Lime also contains sea salt in which, with sodium chloride, about eighty different trace elements such as potassium, magnesium and manganese can be found, which do wonders for your hair. Sea salt is an excellent tool for oily hair because it can absorb excess oil while her minerals provide the desired volume. It makes hair softer and is excellent in fighting dandruff while fatty acids in coconut oil softens strands, help fight dandruff, prevent drying out and make hair shiny and hydrated. Nettle extract reduces the secretion of fat in the scalp as it regulates the activity of sebaceous glands. Effectively removes grease and allows easy combing hair. Leaning back volume, shine and lightness.

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INCI: Aqua, Coco glucosoide, Citrus aurantifolia, Citrus limonum, Urtica dioica leaf extract, Glycerin, Dehydroacetic acid (DHA), Benzyl alcohol, Cocos nucifera, Xantan gum, Panthenol, Citrus limonum, Citrus paradisi, Sodium chloride, Vitamin E (Tocopheryl acetate).

Massage it gently into the wet hair, massage it gently with your fingertips into your scalp and then rinse it out thoroughly

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