Green tea


Green tea originates from China. The folk medicine believed that this tea treats almost all diseases, from headache, toothache, even mental illness, such as depression. As for today, the many healthy benefits of the green tea have been scientifically proven, so that it became a recommendation for everyday consumption.

Helps with:

  • strengthening of the heart and the circulatory system
  • reduces bad (LDL) cholesterol
  • supports the metabolism
  • regulates the blood sugar levels
  • gives a feeling of fullness without excessive calories

Other curative properties are:

  • Green tea slows down the progress of cancer, and it can even act preventively
  • enhances cognitive abilities and learning skills thus considered a “patron of the brain”, can also prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease
  • boosts the immunity
  • prevents caries
  • green tea works well on the skin ten, reduces acne

Green tea has more than three hundred known compounds, most notably caffeine (1-5%) with minor amounts of other xanthan alkaloids (theophylline, theobromine, dimethylxanthine, xanthine, adenine); polyphenols (5-27%) of which the majority are catechins (flavonols); contains B vitamins and ascorbic acid; essential oils, proteins, chlorophyll, organic acids, amino acids from which theanine distinguishes. A cup of tea contains about 50 to 100 mg of caffeine and 300-400 mg of polyphenols (which are responsible for the antioxidant effect of tea); affect the increase in enzyme activity and detoxification processes in the small intestine, liver and lung, prevents the action of the enzyme urokinase that feeds cancer cells in the body. The prevention of the occurrence of cancer cells helps stop the formation of nitrosamines, especially if consumed with food. Scientists have come to the conclusion that green tea helps prevent cancer of the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and those that depend on estrogen, such as breast cancers. It works in atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, helps with Crohn’s disease, high triglycerides, and strengthens the immune system of the entire organism.

As the negative effects of green tea researchers point out only too much caffeine, which has too much effect on the nervous system therefore can arouse anxiety and insomnia, especially if the daily consumed more than two cups of tea which is the amount for the tea to be effective.

Green tea's preparation:

Pour 2 dcl of hot but not boiling water over one teaspoon of green tea.

Leave it covered for 3 minutes, then strain.

Best drunk unsweetened.

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100% Organic Green Tea

Pour 2 dcl of hot but not boiling water over one teaspoon of green tea. Leave it covered for 3 minutes, then strain. Best drunk unsweetened.

100 gr.

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