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Mistletoe has strong immunological properties, strengthens the immune system and helps with allergies. Among numerous effects first to mention should be that it causes an increased metabolism and enhanced the work of the digestive gland of the entire apparatus.

Mistletoe has a very strong effect against uterine fibroid.

Fibroids are benign tumors of the uterus, benign growths of the myometrium. They may be a little harder (than fibrous tissue) or softer (from smooth muscle cells). Softer myomas grow faster. They occur most often in women between 35-45 years. Their formation is associated with increased secretion of estrogen in the ovaries. After cessation of the menstrual cycle ie, menopausal, myometrium changes to the uterus decrease, myomas slowly atrophy and disappear. However, women with fibroids enter the menopause in some cases later than healthy women because of their hormonal activity and prolonged bleeding which can last up to the 55th year of life.

In treatment of fibroids with the Mistletoe Tincture You can also drink tea for fibroids and polyps that go following plants: shepherd’s purse, horsetail, birch, verbena, willow bark or oak bark. The mixture is running depending on the size of fibroids, pain and bleeding and of course the age.

The tea is usually prepared with 1 teaspoon of tea and a cup of boiling water. Drink at least three cups of tea every day. If there is also an urinary infection present then a Cranberry Tincture is added to the treatment.

  • You should eat everythng what we now regard as healthy food, without a lot of canned and processed foods. A good source of B vitamins can be found in whole grains, vitamin C in fruits, healthy vegetables, oatmeal and oat flakes, ginger, parsley, soy and soy products, dietary calcium, zinc, magnesium, broccoli, peppers, cherries, pomegranate, and regarding spices cumin and oregano. It is very important to reduce fat intake, because the fat increases the production of estrogen. Instead of meat, the consumption of fish is advised.
  • mistletoe improved the life energy and raises the immunity of human body
  • works against uterine fibroid
  • Regulates the menstrual cycle
  • Has a great effect on the Thyroid
  • Eliminates chronic constipation with any adverse side effects
  • The feeling of heaviness
  • Intumescence
  • Relieves the symptoms of menopause
  • Against hormonal problems
  • Disturbances in mental and physical functions
  • The feeling of reluctance
  • Removes the beginnings of jaundice
  • Normalizes incomplete secretion of bile
  • Wrinkles caused by diabetes
  • Improves the blood flow, normalizes menstruation in women
  • Eliminate the disturbances in the womb with often cause severe pain

The tincture is perfect for problems with infertility if the causes are for example bleeding or swelling of the uterus.

  • It also regulates and normalizes blood pressure
  • It works against the hardening of atteries and heart damage

Some authors (Dr. Karl Anton Kass) have recently clinically determined the specifically great power of mistletoe in response to cancer, and it has been confirmed, finally, with an antineuronal effect and a calming effect on the bleeding.

Mistletoe is widely used in the treatment of cancer. Numerous studies show that it dissolves the cell membrane of tumor cells and thus destroying it. Lectins containing this herb act cytostatic – stop further growth of tumor cells. In addition, it was confirmed that mistletoe strengthens the immune system, eases pain and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy up to 80%. Therefore, this plant can be certainly recommended to help in the treatment of cancer.

  • immunological stimulation – a general strengthening of the defense mechanisms of the organism
  • hyperthermia – the destruction of cancer cells through higher temperatures
  • improving the general condition and functions
  • improves appetite and sleep
  • relieve the pain caused by tumors
  • a better tolerance of chemotherapy

Mistletoe had shown the best effect in the throat, ovary, vagina, breast, colon, stomach, bronchi, and bladder cancer. Extracts could be of benefit to patients suffering from AIDS because it supports immunity and prevents secondary diseases resulting from the primary disease.

The berries should not be taken orally since they are toxic. Excessive doses can cause vomiting. Preparations of mistletoe is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Should not be used together with heart medication.

All parts of the plant except for berries are used for the treatment, since the berries can cause strong stomach cramps and diarrhea, and in extreme cases their consumption can be fatal.

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    Najbolja tinktura! Možete slobodno na popis djelovanja uvrstiti i da liječi afte - samo nanesite 1 kap izravno na aftu (pretrpite bol, isplati se) i nakon par dana male nestaju, a velike gube snagu pa ih organizam lakše uklanja.

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    Od srca preporučujem tinkturu od imele. Stvarno pomaže. Smanjila mi je simptome PMS-a i uravnotežila raspoloženje.
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    Lijepi pozdrav i uspješno daljnje poslovanje. Trebamo vas! smile

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3 times per day 15 drops mixed with 1 dcl of water, juice or tea

Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers. People taking medications should consult their physician before the usage.

The recommended daily dose should not be skipped. Supplements are not a substitute or replacement of a balanced diet.

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