Cranberry tincture


Cranberry has a long and reliably history as a plant whose fruit helps in the case of urinary tract infections. It can be used preventively to protecting the health of the urinary tract, the infection itself and in combination with antibiotics without disruption or interference with their effects.

Cranberry Tincture contains active ingredients and fruit acids that come in the urine and lower its pH. Bacteria can grow only in a certain range of pH. When suffering from an infection, the body attempts to lower the pH of the urine itself to stop the growth of bacteria. Therefore, urination during infection gives a burning pain.

It is believed that cranberry prevents bacteria (such as E. coli) that bind to the mucosa of the bladder and urethra. This action reduces the likelihood of infection in terms of prevention, while promoting the defense mechanisms of the attacked organism. Also its composition increases the acid content of the urine.

Cranberry Tincture also contain natural ingredients that work antibacterial, such as hippuric acid. This ingredient is unfortunately not present in sufficient concentration in the juice and plain cranberry fruit to his action was considered effective.


Cranberry is a non-toxic, edible fruit which is normally used in the diet. Taking concentrated compositions or extracts can have mild side effect of diarrhea at high daily doses. Cranberry proved really effective in terms of prevention of urinary tract infections. Excessive intake of cranberries in large quantities can cause excessive acidity and damage the urinary tract. It is also not recommended consumption of large quantities of cranberry during pregnancy without your doctor’s advice.

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3 times per day, 15 - 20 drops mixed with a bit of water (1 dcl)

Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers. People taking medications should consult their physician before the usage.
The recommended daily dose should not be skipped. Supplements are not a substitute or replacement of a balanced diet.

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