Common mallow tea


Common mallow tea

• Increases the secretion of mucus
• Excellent for problems hoarseness, helps with asthma, bronchitis, cough, infections and sore throat, pulmonary emphysema
• Relieves intestinal and stomach cramps
• Helps with bile and kidney stones, kidney inflammation

• Headache, toothache, insomnia
• Calms digestive tract inflammations
• Helps with constipation and gastritis
• Soothes irritated skin, sores, rashes, eczema, acne and swelling – External

As a medicinal herb, mallow is in China since 5,000 years ago until even today appreciated for the elimination of indigestion and dissolving phlegm. It is even mentioned in the Bible, Greek physicians Dioscorides and Pliny have emphasized the soothing effect on irritations and the secretion of mucus. The substances in common mallow facilitates cough, because they increase the secretion of mucus from all parts of the respiratory system. The tea is therefore used with coughs, bronchial catarrh, hoarseness, sore throat, pulmonary emphysema etc. Thanks to its softening and dissolving properties, it also helps with vocal cords spasms (laryngospasm).

Lukewarm tea is used for gargling to soothe irritations with hoarseness, sore throat, and it is also suitable as a rinse with mouth ulcers.

Common Mallow has many benefits for your health:

The tea is made from either leaves, flowers or roots. The leaves and flowers are useful and can be used as a compress with bruises, insect bites and inflammation. The flowers are particularly useful as gargle or for problems such as hoarseness or tickling throat. Rinsing can be used for skin ulcers, dry or rough skin. Mallow softens and moisturizes all that is hard and dry.

Common mallow has a long history of usage due to the beneficial effect of plant mucilage which is why it helps with respiratory disorders. The active ingredients help to relieve irritated mucous membranes, acting on the central nervous system while reduce anxiety and nervousness.

It is also popular as a soothening and softening ingredient in preparations for sensitive skin. It is particularly useful for inflamed and irritated skin. The leaves and flowers contain tannins, flavonoids, and vitamin C, which are all protective antioxidants that can help strengthen the immune system. The traditional usage includes treatment with gallstones, kidney stones, kidney inflammation, headaches and toothache. A warm compression can help with superficial burns, ulcers and protects against infections.

If you suffer from dry skin, eczema, dermatitis or similar skin diseases, mallow is the perfect remedy for you. The flower extract has a soothing, moisturizing effect on the skin and helps forming a protective barrier which reduces moisture loss.

It has anti-inflammatory properties, which is also suitable for damaged, sensitive skin. It helps with redness and irritation, insect bites, wounds, burns and diaper rash. It is also useful for the hair, it softens it, making it perfect for all hair types, especially for fragile and thin hair.

It helps with low immunity of the respiratory system. An antibacterial and antiviral properties, thins mucus and facilitates expectoration. The mucus that lines the plant comprises inflamed mucous membranes of the throat, calms inflammation and helps to accelerate the healing of wounds. Mallow’s mucus acts regenerating in the mucous membrane and other damaged tissue. The tea can be used with various inflammatory conditions. For example, in intestinal inflammation, inflammatory conditions of the skin (for example, seborrhea), calf skin inflammation due to chronic problems with veins, various skin inflammation and swelling.

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Douse one teaspoon of common mallow tea with 2dcl of lukewarm water. Leave it covered for 10 - 15 mininutes, strain afterwards. Best to be drunken unsweetened. Three cups of tea are recommended per day

50 grams

100% flower

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