Angelica tincture


ANGELICA TINCTURE (Angelica archaangelica)

Angelica Tincture possesses an excellent effect against blood clots

There is a huge list of different diseases in which Angelica is successfully applied:

  • purifies the blood,
  • removes blood clots due to severe accidents and other injuries,
  • regulates menstruation,
  • strengthens the heart,
  • eliminates catarrh and enhances fluidity of the internal mucous membranes,
  • strengthens immunity,
  • works against stomach problems and strains,
  • works against various toxins including snake bites,
  • combined with thyme excellent against bronchitis, cough,
  • reduces excessive amounts of mucus in the lungs,
  • helps with painful urination,
  • soothes migraine and nervous tensions,
  • eliminates dizziness, increases the flexibility and throughput of blood vessels,
  • gargling tea purifies the mouth and throat while strengthening the mucous membranes of the respiratory organs,
  • increases the secretion of sweat and urine.

Regarding the medicinal substances resin, wax, bitter substances, organic acids – angelica acid, malic further, valeric, acetic, oxalic and succinic acid, coumaric forms as Angelica and pectin, sugar cane and essential oil with very aromatic smell may be mentioned.

One of the ingredients of the plant is essential oil, which has up to 1.3 percent. To the angelic plant are typical ingredients such as b-phelandrene, d-3-Karen linked, but also a full range of lactone and high content of coumarin, relatively few compounds in essential oils obtained by steam distillation. The composition of the oil may vary depending on the art of the plant from which it receives, and is most often distilled roots and seeds.

The other medical extracts, such as tinctures and decoctions, these coumarin contents, such as ostenol, ostol, umbelliferone, are even higher than in the essential oil. Coumarin are compounds with many interesting biological properties. Though notorious as mouse or rodent poisons and anti-blood clotting, this class of coumarin, which is located in Angelic is not toxic, but has a calming, spasmolytic, stimulates digestion (stomahici), or the secretion of digestive juices of the stomach and pancreas, and therefore used in dyspepsia (indigestion), the feeling of standing in the stomach, painful cramps and bloating. Coumarins along with other chemical compounds acting and mildly sedative, sleep facilitating and to reduce the feeling of tension.

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Three times per day 15-20 drops mixed with a bit of water (1dcl)

Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers. People taking medications should consult their physician before the usage.

The recommended daily dose should not be skipped. Supplements are not a substitute or replacement of a balanced diet.

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