Golden oil Zlatko


Golden oil Zlatko

Zlatko, golden body oil's story is one made by you.

The perfect oil to be used throughout the year to give you an incredible glittering shine.

Aside from knowing that the base of this product is a macerate made from organically certified Croatian carrots and enriched with nutrients Seeds, Wild Roses, Argana and Cocoa Butter, it contains natural protective filters beneficial to the skin, allowing it to maintain its natural moisture. Just like Carrot Balm, it contains a herbal extract that activates the melanin production in the skin for a balanced and natural skin color. Melanin is naturally created in the skin and is responsible for protecting and tanning the skin while providing it with moisture during sunburn, and vitamin E which protects against oxidative stress caused by UVA and UVB radiation.

Enriched with essential oil of Jasmine and Absolute Vanilla which will last all day.

How the oils work on skin.

Sesame oil - Acting as a natural UV filter and, as proven, rejects up to 25% of the sunlight. It is an ideal oil for skin irritation problems, various skin irregularities and diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. It also helps with the problems of a poor microcirculation. It improves the healing of scratches, wounds and other skin damage and contributes to the scar visibility reduction. Sesame oil binds oil-soluble toxins making it ideal for skin cleaning and removal of impurities from the pores. High amounts of vitamin E prevent premature wrinkle formation and skin aging. Sesame seed oil acts antibacterial and its application to the skin helps with fungal and bacterial infections.

Argan Oil - Contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, alpha linolenic, oleic), sterols, vitamin E, minerals and carotenoids. Tocopherols, better known as vitamin E, are the most valuable ingredients of argan oil. This vitamin is attributed to strong antioxidant properties. It is indispensable in the fight against scars, eczema and dry scalp. Another important ingredient of argan oil is carotene that protects the skin from UV radiation. Essential fatty acids from argan oil prevent inflammatory processes on the skin by hydrating and strengthening it at the same time. The arginine oil's Ferulic acid is a very powerful vitamin C and E stabilizer, doubling its function. Argan oil is perfect for all skin types, and can even be used by pregnant women and young children.

Wild Rose Oil - Wild Rose oil is the number one ingredient for the removal of wrinkles, streaks, scars, keloids, and dandruff. It is successfully applied to burns and skin damaged by UV rays, wrinkles, striations, scars, keloids and stinging spots. It nourishes dry and chemically treated hair and fragile nails. In addition, the oil is extremely effective in prevention of wrinkles. It helps the skin to restore its natural color and tone. Wild rose oil due to its exceptional texture and mild pH value is ideal for direct application to the hair. It nourishes dry and chemically damaged hair and instantly improving its appearance.
The problem is easily removed by using hot roses prepared with wild rose oil. With everyday usage as skin care, wild rose oil hydrates and revitalizes the skin, increases elasticity and stimulates collagen growth.

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Inci: Caprylic / Capric triglyceride, sesamum indicum seed oil, cera flva, argania spinosa kernel oil, theobroma cacao seed butter, helianthus annuus seed oil, daucus carota sativa root extract, rosa canina fruit oil, jasminum grandiflorum l., fragrance, tocopheryl acetate.

100 ml

Apply on the body using circular hand movements. Wash hands after use. Avoid contact with the fabric. Avoid contact with the eyes.

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