Ginger Scrub


Creamy Ginger Scrub

Facial Scrub and Body / PH Factor 5.5

Without preservatives, parabens and sulphates.

It regenerates, nourishes, smoothes, softens, hydrates, refreshes, improves microcirculation, removes dead skin cells, stimulates its regeneration, cleanses the pores, gives it better tone and healthier glow. Because of its toning and antioxidant properties, ginger can reduce the appearance of hypopigmented scars (scars that are white or much lighter than your skin tone).

Apply a little bit with circular motions on your face / body and rince afterwards.

After the pleasure of our creamy peeling you will see that your facial and body skin looks incomparably better than ever!

Simply enjoy 250 gram of complete hapiness.

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scrub salt ginger

INCI: Sodium chloride, Aqua, Coco glucozide, Glycerin, Stearic acid, Cocos nucifera, Cetearyl alcohol, Citrus limon peel oil, Boswellia carteri oil, Fragrance, Zingiber extract, CI 19140

200 ml

Apply a little with circular motions on your face and/or body and rinse out afterwards.

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