Micellar water tea tree


Micelar water tea tree

Micellar water tea tree for oily skin.

Micellar water became an indispensable product in the routine face care and cleaning thanks to its simple usage and high efficiency provided by the micellar technology. Microscopic particles - micelles - bind impurities like makeup and unwanted oils to themselves and successfully remove them from the skin. Thanks to the micellar technology, the natural barrier of the skin is preserved. There is no need to wash it off after usage.

Due to the micellar technology and its mild ingredients, face cleaning with micellar water is especially gently since it is preserving the natural pH value of the skin. Compared to other products for face cleaning, it dies not leave an oily trail and leaves the skin smooth and gentle. Also there is no need for rough motions to remove impurities from the face since a gentle stroke removes even makeup from the eye lashes leaving them wonderfull and strong, and the sensitive skin around the eyes stays without any irritation.

Tea tree - acts antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral. It is used for the care of acne and candidiasis.

  • balances the pH level of the skin
  • cleans and reduces pores
  • disinfects
  • does not irritate the skin
  • stimulates tissue regeneration
  • works against acne without irritating the skin

Lemon - helps with the regulation of oily skin, brightens the tan and sunspots and evens the skin tan. Except its high Vitamin C content, lemon helps to reduce the acidity and comes with a detox effect for the body. It's smell is welcome in a huge variety of cosmeti products. It also helps to brighten the hair color, regulates the secretion of sebum on the scalp, brightens body hair and mats oily skin. It also has properties of a mild peeling, reduces the appearance of acne and stimulates the collagen production.

PCA Sodium - Compared to glicerol, PCA Sodium does not leave a sticky layer. A 50% PCA Sodium solution absorbs 50% more water than glycerol, twice as much as propylene and six times as much as sorbitol.

Aloe Vera - The magical formula of aloe vera is a juicy and transparent gel found in his green leafs.

  • Helps with skin rashes and allergic reactions
  • Reduces the appearance of acne
  • Reduces the pigmentation and dark spots on the skin

Pomaže kod kožnih osipa i alergijskih reakcija.
Smanjuje problem sa aknama.
Smanjuje pigmentaciju i tamne mrlje na koži.

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INCI: Aqua, glycerine, decyl glucoside, pca sodium, citrus limon, aloe vera (aloe barbadensis leaf juice), penoxyethanol & ethylhexyglycerin, sodium benzoate, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil

Apply with a piece of cotton wool and gently clean the face and the space around the eyes. Used as needed. Not needed to wash it off but still recommended.

250 ml

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