Shower jelly


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  • Bath bomb ylang

    Close your eyes and allow this romantic and alluring fragrance to take you among the opulent flowers of Malay garden. This aromatic bath bomb Ylang – Orange, gives us a...
    Not yet rated
    20,00 KN
    180 g.
  • Burdock tincture

    Burdock Tincture is very effective for removing flaking stains, and appear on the scalp, seborrhea and with similar conditions with impaired secretion of fat in the skin (acne,...
    Not yet rated
    120,00 KN
    50 ml.
  • Orange soap

    If your skin is lifeless, dry and sensitive, the seductive smell from the essential oil and fresh orange juices will revitalize and make your skin velvetly soft. Orange essential...
    Not yet rated
    30,00 KN
    110 gr.
  • Lip balm Lily

    Acts soothing and healing with herpes and various skin rashes thanks to its antiviral properties.
    Not yet rated
    34,00 KN
    15 ml.