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  • Face cream Cucumber

    Face cream

    Not yet rated
    165,00 KN
    50 ml
  • Bath bomb ylang

    Close your eyes and allow this romantic and alluring fragrance to take you among the opulent flowers of Malay garden. This aromatic bath bomb Ylang – Orange, gives us a...
    Not yet rated
    20,00 KN
    180 g
  • Shampoo Lime

    Shampoo Lime is a mixture of fresh ingredients, fruit juices, essential oils and sea salt which make your hair healthy, shiny and beautiful. Did you neglect your hair ? Time for...
    Not yet rated
    64,00 KN
    200 ml
  • Milk thistle tincture

    Thistle protects the liver from the devastating effects of many medications, from the body releases chemicals, alcohol and heavy metals. Quantity: 50ml Remark: Keep out of the...
    Not yet rated
    120,00 KN
    50 ml