Facial cleansing


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  • Bath bombs Colorful

    A hot bubble bath relaxes your body and mind and liberates your spirit! awakening and instantly lifting the mood turns bathing into a real enjoyment relaxes, reduces tension and...
    28,00 KN
    180 g
  • Yarrow balm

    Yarrow is effectively used for skin diseases, especially skin that is covered by one of the most common problems of today, which is Psoriasis. Dry, cracked, and skin covered...
    50,00 KN
    50 ml
  • Carrot Balm XXL

    For quick tanning

    It contains herbal extract that activates the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is produced naturally in the skin, and is responsible for protecting and tanning. It works...
    185,00 KN
    250 ml
  • 54321
    165,00 KN
    50 ml