8 foods that cause cancer

8 foods that cause cancer

Although all sometimes a "treat" of not so healthy food, there are certain foods that certainly should never, ever be consumed. Below is a list of eight foods that nutritionist Elissa Goodman, Meryl Pritchard and Kelly Leveque recommended to avoid in a wide berth. Let's start with 8 foods that cause cancer.

1. Carbonated beverages

"Carbonated beverages are not food, but too much is consumed in the modern nutrition. One can contains 40 grams of sugar, all which contains more than 8 grams of sugar is consider excessive, "said nutritionist Meryl Pritchard. Goodman added that artificial sweeteners in soft drinks contribute to obesity and diabetes.

2. Glucose-fructose syrup

Leveque recommends to avoid this ingredient that is often found in fast foods and spices, "as if it were the plague." She explains that fructose is 100 percently metabolised in the liver and passes through the Maillard reaction, more accurately the form of super oxide free radicals which can cause liver inflammation. The syrup is also quickly turns into fat than other carbohydrates and is associated with metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

3. Industrial processed oil

These oils are highly processed and chemically treated, and fragrances are typically added to make it edible. It quickly oxidize, causing the creation of a multitude of free radicals. Also, full of omega-6, which causes further imbalance of omega fatty acids in the body, "says Leveque. Instead of these industrial oils, nutritionist recommended oils with a high percentage of omega-3 unsaturated acids, such as coconut, olive, macadamia and avocado.

4. Industrial processed soy

Soybeans have been recommended for consumption and avoidance in the recent years, almost in equal measure. But Leveque states that processed versions definitely should be avoided at all costs. "The free glutamic acid or MSG, which is a powerful neurotoxin, is formed during the processing of soy. Soy phytoestrogens can potentially cause hypothyroidism, and can lead to infertility and increase the chance of breast cancer in adult women. "


5. Processed meats

"This meat is usually gotten from animals kept in enclosed places where infections spread and which are exposed to a number of hormones and antibiotics. They are also full of sodium nitrate, which is used as a chemical flavor enhancer, preservative and color enhancer - says Goodman. "When you enter them into the body it is converted to chemicals that cause cancer, and can be found in a variety of salami, sausages, hams and bacon.

6. Popcorn for microwave

This type of popcorn is a major threat to health. "Synthetic chemicals are added to the package, especially in the food service industry, which should prevent that leak out of fat," says Goodman. "Popcorn for the microwave are full of these chemicals, which, when heated, automatically spread themselves in popcorn. They are harmful to your endocrine system and are linked to the development of cancer, elevated bad cholesterol, decreased immunity, thyroid diseases and infertility. "

7. Margarine

This is a highly processed vegetable oil, packed with trans-fatty acids. "In fact, it is made out of the cheapest oil with the poorest quality," says Goodman. Therefore, it is made from industrial oils that you should avoid, and during processing at high temperatures, creates free radicals that increase the risk of cancer, heart disease and hormonal imbalances. In addition, it contains additional additives and chemicals, as well as omega-6 fatty acids.

8. Foods with a lowered percentage of fat

Fat-free sounds like a good thing, because most of the fats are a bad thing, but these foods are very unhealthy. "The food industry began to replace animal fats with unsaturated vegetable oils that have led to increased consumption of trans-fats. And to compensate, manufacturers have begun to add large amounts of sugar, among other things, "says Goodman. In other words, you run the risk of weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, according to Yahoo.