Industrial food is designed to kill!

After the independent American laboratory Forensic Food Lab, American alternative Portal Natural News analyzed more than 1,000 different types of food, from "super" food to junk food, drinks and other substances, Mike Adams, editor of Natural News revealed the scary facts publicly on the basis studies that have lasted for many years.

"Based on what I've seen through the atomic spectroscopy and analysis of all food substances that people consume on a daily basis I have to say that the battle for humankind almost lost. It seems that food today is deliberately designed to kill, not to feed us. Substances in food products causing mental illness, tumors, depression, skin diseases, expanding infertility, damage to certain organs, loss of rational thinking. There is a lot more than what the analysis showed, of food contamination by heavy metals that people consume on a daily basis, leading into the grave itself. This is a completely deliberate formulation of toxic poisons in products that are widely used around the world - said Adams.

He concluded that it is the result exactly everything that is now taking place around us: mass madness, increased crime, an increase in the prison population, the collapse of democracy that which can not be realized due to cognitive retardation masses of the working man, the collapse of the mass of the workforce, a wide infertility in young pairs, increasing the rate of kidney failure and dialysis in patients, but the complete collapse of the universal ability of the public who can not understand even the most basic information, served in the mainstream media. "

The effects are an utter loss for the human civilization, and they are a complete disaster of modern human civilization and for several reasons:

economic unsustainability,

ecological destruction,

mass depopulation

global rise in political violence which is becoming more frequent.+

What is found in food, vitamins and supplements?

Here is an overview of some of the incredibly shocking discoveries that are documented:

1) a large amount of chemical compounds that are used throughout the fast food industry and many fast food restaurants - in these foods a large amount of azodicarbonamide chemical associated with cancer was found. This chemical compound deliberately placed and without any need for mass consumption.

"There is no logical reason why a chemical like azodicarbonamide should be added, for example, bread or pastries. It does not serve those ingredients chemicaly and has no functional nor nutritional purpose. It seems that it is added only as a poison for hundreds of millions of consumers who needlessly consume it. "

2) Many popular brands of vitamins containing high levels of lead which leads to mental insanity and psychosis - vitamins are taken on a daily basis, but when people suffer from mental illness they are encouraged to take vitamins, many of which are manufactured by the same pharmaceutical poisons.

3) Stop buying food and dietary supplements products in China because they contain very high levels of lead, which damages the brain functions - US natural products industry has virtually taken over by China in the past decade, but much of what you think it is safe and organic is actually contaminated. Lead causes dementia and Alzheimer's disease and accelerates the disintegration of the human brain.

4) The popular children's vitamins that are sold in every store and pharmacy across America have been specially formulated to be highly toxic and disrupt neurologic function - no synthetic, toxic chemicals that are added to almost every popular brand of children's vitamins is truly astounding, and many of them seems to have the ability to specifically disrupt neurological functions. From a purely scientific point of view, these "vitamins" could be called "poison pills", but parents are encouraged to give them to children every day as part of modern health rituals that actually causes only harm to the body.

5) Large amounts of aluminum in the atmospheric air and the agricultural areas that fall from the sky - Adams argues that his research has confirmed that the country air is covered with aluminum. He measured the air inside the laboratory, outside the building, around the agricultural area and has been proven that aluminum was everywhere. The highest concentrations are around crops which proves that crops are specially trated from the air with toxic chemical substances such as aluminum. Adams also warns that the inhalation and consumption of aluminum cause degenerative brain disorders.

6) GM corn is designed because of the growth of deadly poisons - this deadly poison consumed by people who unknowingly eat genetically modified crops through breakfast cereals, corn tortillas, corn snack chips etc.


Food as a weapon against humanity

As you can see from these examples, food has become a weapon against humanity. The first world war was fought in the trenches with the soldiers and the real weapons of lead! World War II was deliberately provoked and was genocidal character. The battle was fought with advanced kinetic weapons, and chemical weapons designed by the pharmaceutical industry. After World War II and the Nazi-era, the war is apparently hiden and the leaders of the Nazi era established pharmaceutical industry which holds in its hands food and medicine around the world. World War III is in progress - it takes place right now against any living being. Chemicals are very similar to those used in World War I and World War II, except that instead of being deployed on the battlefield, today's chemical weapons are distributed through the food supply.

Toxic substances such as sodium nitrite and aspartame causes chronic, long-term degenerative collapse of the body and the mind, causing cancer, kidney failure and extreme mental disorders, including psychosis.

Sounds too horrible to be true?

  'There is a huge financial gain from the mass poisoning, and the 'treatment' of side effects of this poisoning. Greed is deeply rooted in our culture today, very few people even recognize what is happening with them - claims Adams.

Growing your own food

Try growing your own food or buying as much as possible from local farmers. Avoid all processed meats that contain sodium nitrite, including bacon, hot dogs, sausages, ham, meat, pizza, and even beef jerky. Do not drink carbonated beverages. All artificial sweeteners have harmful side effects when consumed in sufficient quantities. Be skeptical of "natural" products that are difficult to handle and refined in some way. Check the country of origin of a particular product, do not buy food supplements from China, the world's most polluted food producers.

Look around you, the evidence is right before your eyes

If you do not believe in the above, Mike Adams advised to look around and see what happens to people who use a variety of chemicals, diet spicy juices, synthetic food preservatives and cheap vitamins contaminated with heavy metals.

The brains and bodies of people are highly contaminated with destructive chemicals, heavy metals and synthetic materials. As you can see from these small examples, the food is now used as a weapon against humanity. This is a subtle and silent war against humanity, very well camouflaged, and the consequences are dire. The food we eat changes the human being, and thus the reality in which we live - said Adams.