Giving up smoking which caused cancer, stroke and heart disease, many will agree that the most important thing is the strength of will, but a good motivator very well be the fear of contracting cancer or other diseases. Discarding cigarettes and getting rid of the nicotine addiction is not easy. Most smokers often think about it, or at least once in their lives tried to quit and then again after some time returned to old habits. Although it is not really mentione, it is necessary to know that the current additives in cigarettes can be more dangerous to the health than before. Doctors warn that today's cigarettes caused much greater risk of disease than those that were sold in 1964 when the tobacco recorded the first danger warnings.

Today's smokers have a greater chance of developing lung cancer or chronic lung disease than they were 50 years ago - although smoking fewer cigarettes. Cigarette manufacturers add the composition of the higher doses of nicotine, ammonia, which increases the rate at which nicotine reaches the brain and heart, the sugar that increases the effects of nicotine and makes it easier ti inhalate, and by adding a variety of smell and taste have made cigarettes more attractive to beginners and hardened smokers . Tobacco smoke also make softer by adding a levulinic acid, which reduces smoke and makes it less irritating.

Alarming information

It is estimated that in Croatia around 14,000 people die each year from the effects of smoking, which means that Croatia annually loses a city the size of Makarska. In Croatia, every third person smokes, placing us regarding consumption of cigarettes ranks among the world's top, while the average Croatian smoker smoke 20 to 30 cigarettes a day. Worldwide every year by health effects caused by smoking die five million people, or more than 13,000 per day.

Despite the alarming figures, it is difficult for smokers to quit smoking. Many years are spent spinning in a vicious circle of termination and the restoration of cigarettes. When smoking is concerned not only about unhealthy habit - it's about addiction, learned pattern of behavior since we are his brain during a certain time programmed on this behavior.


Once we discard the cigarettes, our health begins to drastically improve. Only in the first 24 hours without a cigarette, our chances of a heart attack decreases. With each cigarette smoke in the body we consume 4,000 different chemicals, one of which was even three hundred reliably carcinogenic! Poisoning is the most exposed to the respiratory system, but no body is spared the negative impact of tobacco smoke.

Below, we present 17 small tricks that can help you start to feel like a free person, not a slave to nicotine, back in shape, get rid of the unpleasant smell of cigarette, coughing and most importantly - not to get sick because of cigarettes! Stopping smoking is not only rejecting the cigarettes but also a lifestyle change. ŽIf you really want to become a non-smoker, it is desirable to completely change the habits and rhythm of life.

Start with the withdrawal on Monday

'How to quit smoking?' - That phrase people mostly just searched on the internet on a Mondays, confirmed the research engine Google in 2013. People usually start weeks are seen as the perfect time for a fresh start.

Start training

Exercising stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, the hormone of happiness, which reduces the desire for nicotine.

Learn smoking connect with stench

Cigarettes are not much more attractive if your brain is associated with a bad smell, according to a recent study that also suggests that behavioral changes in the brain can begin even during sleep.

Remind yourself what smoking does to your health

Anti-smoking campaigns can be effective, the study confirmed the US Centers for Disease Control. Because advertisements in which former smokers say, nearly 100,000 people quit smoking.

Use yoga and relaxation methods

Given that most smokers used cigarettes as a way to reduce stress, the Mayo Clinic advises that you find other ways to achieve the same effect in order to reduce the desire for nicotine. Yoga is one way that keeps anxiety at bay.

Use text messages

A study published in The Lancet showed that smokers who used the program called "txt2stop" often stopped smoking after six months than those who have tried to quit on their own. This program sends motivating messages to people who want to quit smoking.

Eat fruits and vegetables

According to research by the University at Buffalo, chewing on fruits and vegetables may help smokers to achieve the status of non-smokers.

Lift weights

Running on a treadmill is not the only way to take advantage of exercise. Research shows that smokers who took part in the 12-week program of weight training as part of addiction treatment, had twice the chances to quit smoking than those who did not,  published Shape magazine.

Try nicotine replacement therapy

The therapy that could double your chances of quitting smoking, offers several ways releases nicotine into your body to generaly downplay the input. Nicotine patches, gum and inhalers are part of Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Do not forget about pets

The next time you go to buy a pack of cigarettes, remember your furry friends, because you are putting your and their lives at risk. Studies show that smoking in the company of cats increases the chances of cats getting sick from lymphoma, while in dogs who live with a smoker, possible lung cancer.

Try counseling

Collectively, individually, and even telephone counseling increases for at least 11 percent the chance that you will quit smoking, according to the US Public Health Service to treat the use of and dependence on tobacco.

A sudden stop

According to the magazine "Everyday Health", nine out of 10 smokers are suddenly thrown smoking from their lives. Withdrawal symptoms will be more common, but can be shorter.

Find a new hobby

Participation in exciting activities triggers the same part of the brain as nicotine, according to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE.

Try with hypnosis

While there is strong evidence of the effectiveness of hypnosis on smokers, a study conducted on the basis of this method resulted in a good outcome.

Write down why you want to quit smoking

Why do you want to quit smoking? Is it because of your health? Because of the family? Because it is expensive? Regardless of the motive, note it. Research shows that writing notes (as opposed to typing) helpst to remember them better, it can also help to strengthen the reasons why you want to quit smoking.

Do not completely stop thinking about cigarettes

Expulsion of cigarettes of your mind might work now, but will not last long. According to a study published at the University of St. George in London, fully discharging the cigarettes out of the mind might start even more smoking.

Relaxed meditation

The researchers suggest that meditation helps smokers to get rid of this habit, even if it does not try.


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