Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has a bad reputation and that for a good reason. Since from it suffers almost 70 percent of women, and the first symptoms appear from 10 to 7 days prior to menstruation. Bloating, headaches, irritability, mood swings, insomnia, abdominal pain - these are just some of the symptoms of PMS that women regularly affect.

Eating can be mild and short-lived, however, and can disrupt the general physical and mental state.

The most common symptoms:
Headache, swelling of the ankles, feet and hands, pain in the lower back, abdominal and stomach cramps, bloating stomach, muscle cramps, breast tenderness, weight gain, mood swings, acne, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, changes in appetite, increased sensitivity the sound and light, painful menstruation.

Other symptoms include:
Anxiety, difficulty concentrating, depression, irritability, nausea, decrease in self-esteem, forgetfulness, confusion, changes in sexual desire and reduced sexual desire.

There are many foods that can successfully alleviate these problems. These problems are associated with hormonal changes during ovulation, or changes in the level of estrogen and progesterone, and appropriate diet certainly can mitigate them.

1. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and Artichokes

Vegetables high in fiber can reduce bloating, puffiness, gas and discomfort. Stay away from salty foods rich in sodium, which have the opposite effect of what you need. A bag of potato chips will only reinforce your 'suffering'.

2. Full grain cereals, quinoa and popcorn

Every little bit irritates you so much that you would want to jump out of your skin? Irritability can be reduced with an alleviated carbohydrate intake that stimulate the secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, which improves mood. It also provides a sufficient amount of energy and suppresses cravings. If you are looking for food that will fix your mood, carbohydrates are the best choice.

3. Salmon, Eegs and Chia seeds

If you are fighting with a bad mood include foods rich in omega-3 acids. According to a study, omega-3 fatty acids may act as antidepressants. Salmon, chia seeds and eggs are the best choice in this case. In addition, it is desirable and shun alcohol as it may worsen the feeling of sadness.

4. Bananas

Sleep problems and insomnia occurs in many women just before menstruation, which further enhances the sensitivity to pain, the study confirmed the US Johns Hopkins University. In this case, bananas help containing the hormone of sleep, melatonin, which is secreted during the night and regulates the natural rhythm of the body.

5. Lean beef, turkey and chicken

Feel incredibly lethargic? Vitamin B12, which includes lean meat, boosts energy levels. Besides containing proteins that will wake you up.

6. Kale and spinach
Acne may also be the result of PMS. Fight them, dark-green leafy vegetables, which is a good source of vitamin A, a fighter against dry skin, skin breakouts and blocks harmful UV radiation.

7. Pumpkin seeds

If prior to and during menstruation you are fight with headaches, magnesium can help. This mineral relaxes blood vessels which can alleviate headaches. Pumpkin seeds are rich in phytoestrogens, plant substances that act like the female sex hormone. Eat psjemenke pumpkin and braised spinach on coconut oil with garlic.

8. Eggs

During PMS there is a common feeling of hunger which is why it is best to start your day with breakfast rich in protein and healthy fats to the body to provide a feeling of satiety and provide energy. In the pan, mix one whole egg with two egg whites and with it prepare and half a cup of cottage cheese.

In addition to food, aid can also come from herbal preparations such as tinctures and teas, and black cumin oil. Mallow tea helps with bloating and painful chest, lemon balm tincture with depression and mood swings as well as valerian tincture , chamomile and mint tea. The quality of life significantly affects the symptoms of PMS. Sleep of at least seven to eight hours a day will do wonders for a happy mind and body, and daily physical activity to stimulate the secretion of lymph and boost oxygen intake which helps maintain stable hormone.

Black mallow acts on the central nervous system, reduces anxiety and nervousness and balm and valerian. Lemon balm soothes and improves general mental state of the organism. Valerian is recommended for women with the condition excitement, ailing mental state of a special type (hysteria), nervous convulsive vomiting, seizures headaches (migraines) and in case of problems with menopause. If you suffer from sleepless and restless night, soothing cup of chamomile tea can be of great help. Insomnia and sleepless nights often go hand in hand with melancholy and zabinutošću and can cause depression. Chamomile tea can alleviate anxiety and depression.