Carrots are effective in the treatment of cancer

Carrots are effective in the treatment of cancer

For a long time it was believed time that the carrot is helpful for good vision, but it has a much more important role - reduces the risk of heart disease and protect against cancer. Vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and zucchini are filled with carotenoids that help in the fight against many diseases. Antioxidants are also found in dark green vegetables such as broccoli, green beans and peas, and reduce the risk of developing lung cancer. The researchers found that the vegetables full of alpha-carotene, which may protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer and prolong life. Heart disease and cancer are caused by the damage to the DNA, and it is precisely this consumption of vegetables reduces the damage.

Research has shown that consumption of fruits and vegetables has a positive effect on reducing the risk of contracting lung cancer. This particularly applies to fruits and vegetables with yellow and orange colors such as carrots, oranges, sweet potatoes and pumpkin and dark green like broccoli, peas, beans, spinach and lettuce - discovered research manager in Atlanta, Dr. Chaoyang Li.

Carrots are a treasure trove of health as Falcarinol, antioxidant with anti-cancer properties. In the study, scientists from the UK and Denmark mice and rats affected their colon cancer by eating carrots which decreased by a third. Another study found that the consumption of carrot juice increases the level of carotenoids in the blood in patients with breast cancer. The researchers believe that increased levels of carotenoids in the blood act as a prevention against cancer.

Fourth stage colorectal cancer cured with carrot juice

American Ann Cameron is known as example, author of 15 children's books, who cured fourth stage(terminal stage) cancer with carrot juice.

From personal experience ,I know that carrots can cure cancer - quickly, without chemotherapy, radiation or other changes in your diet. Stories of unusual natural cancer treatments are quite startling. I trust them more than any pharmaceutical trials on drugs that earn millions and cause more harm than good - she said.

Ann was on June 6, 2012 operated with third stage of colon cancer. She gave up chemotherapy and began to feel better until 6 November 2012 when it was discovered that her cancer has metastasized to the lung. Doctors predicted her most two to three years of life. They explained that it would be useless to radiation and chemotherapy but recommend it although it could not be expected to prolong life. Ann began to look for alternative means and met with Ralph Cole's confession, which is that he healed skin cancer on his neck by daily drinking juice made of 2.5 kilograms of carrots. You can see his blog here http//

Ann started on the 17 November her every day routine of carrot juice. Once a month, when he went on a trip, he skipped it three to four days in a row. She did not go to chemotherapy or radiation, and the only major change in her life was drinking carrot juice. She continued to eat meat, but also from time to time the junk food like ice cream. In March 2013, after 4 months of treatment, the cancer is reduced, and the lymph glands have got back to normal. In July 2013, after eight months of treatment, the review found that the cancer was completely gone.

The healing properties of carrots

Carrot juice contains numerous vitamins, such as vitamin B (B1, B2, B5, B6), vitamins C, D, G and K, potassium, calcium, cobalt and other minerals. Carrots are a great source of antioxidants - carotenoids, which helps protecting against cardiovascular disease, cancer, regulate blood sugar and improve eyesight. The best known carotenoid (yellow or orange pigment) of carrots is beta-carotene, which is transformed in the body into vitamin A.
Carrot juice is used in a number of diseases such as anemia (3 dl per day), arteriosclerosis (1.5 liters per day), liver disease (0.5 dl three times a day), intestinal diseases and parasites (1.5 to 3 dl per day), the onset of earthworms (children are given 2 dl per day), the stomach and gastric acid (1 dl per day). Rheumatist should drink it because it eliminates toxic ingredients from the body that enhance rheumatism and gout as well as inflammation of the throat or lungs, colds and flu.

The intake of carotenoids is associated with a reduction in breast cancer by 20%, and even a 50% reduction in cancers of the bladder, uterus, prostate, colon, larynx and esophagus. One of the major research also has shown that the entry in the menu only one carrot a day reduces the risk of developing lung cancer by 50%.

Particularly important is the intake of vitamin A in the body of smokers as benzopyrene, an ingredient of cigarette smoke, significantly reduces the amount of vitamin A in the body, which leads to a greater possibility of development of diseases such as lung emphysema and lung cancer. Carrots contain a special type of fiber, calcium pectate, which lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. It also acts as a diuretic, reducing fluid retention and soothing cystitis. It also helps in the release of mucus from the respiratory tract with coughing, bronchitis and asthma, and because of its antiseptc propertes helps in the treatment of infections.

Gerson therapy to fight cancer

The method of the late German doctor Max Gerson today is one of the most popular natural therapies to treat cancer in the world. Gerson claimed that the carrot juice molecular nearly identical to human blood. Gerson method is a comprehensive approach to healing the body using a special diet and detoxification. The program, which is designed for patients suffering from cancer consists of the consumption of fruit and vegetables juices, preferably organic. Juices to drink throughout the day, every hour and must be always freshly prepared.

His treatment consists of four types of juices: carrot, apple with carrot, orange and green juice of cabbage and other vegetables. He recommended that consuming 13 glasses of juices and three light meals a day, each of which contains a special Hippocratic soup, which has a strong detoxifying properties. For breakfast you can eat oatmeal with added fruit, and for lunch and dinner, potatoes and salad.

The recipe for the Hippocratic soup:

  • 1 medium celery root
  • 1 medium parsley root
  • 2 small or one large leek
  • 2 medium onions
  • garlic. optionally (can be added at the end)
  • a little parsley leaves
  • 600 g tomatoes
  • 400 g potatoes

The ingredients are divided into three groups - desirable, occasionally permitted and prohibited.

Eaten are mostly raw, almost completely vegan food and fruits and vegetables in large quantities such as oranges, lemons, apples, pears, peaches, plums and cherries and carrots, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, chard, lettuce, kale, broccoli and red cabbage. Occasionally, you can eat half a banana. Fresh fruits and vegetables are eaten raw, in salads, juices or soups. From non-vegan products only yogurt and honey are allowed. Milk and dairy products and meat are prohibited. Occasionally, you may eat integral rice and some bread of wholemeal rye or oats. Boiled potatoes is permitted, oil-wise only linseed oil. As sweetener maple syrup, honey or brown sugar can be used in an amount not exceeding two teaspoons a day.

Those who want to implement the Gerson diet must expel salt from the diet because it is considered that the penetration of sodium into cells causes many diseases.

It is necessary to avoid all processed foods, including all frozen and canned foods, smoked and salted. Coffee, tea and alcohol are forbidden. One must not eat legumes, soybeans, mushrooms and margarine. Regarding fruits and vegetables pineapples, avocados, berries, coconut and other nuts and cucumbers, sprouts and raw spinach are not allowed.

After his death, his work continued daughter, Charlotte Gerson, which in 1977. founded the Gerson Institute. Currently in the world there are two centers that treats patients in the Gerson way, in Mexico and in Hungary, near Budapest.
Gerson wason May 14, 2005 admitted to the Hall of Fame of the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine.

The search of a cure for their problems started because he himself suffered from migraine, a form where medicine could not help. A vegetarian nutrition without salt solved his severe headaches and nausea, and discovered that identical food and their way of preparing meals treats lupus and tuberculosis, for which there were no cures.
Success in the treatment of tuberculosis was confirmed by the clinical trial and his treatment became known throughout Europe. Although their diet mainly prescribed to those suffering from tuberculosis, it turned out that at the same time it successfully treats allergies, asthma, and disorders of blood pressure. Gerson realized that his diet does not heal certain diseases, but stimulates the metabolism and the immune system to the proper functioning and in this way restores health.

Gerson is a supporter of natural food supplements. To treat it, with special food and enemas, prescribing potassium and iodine in the form of Lugol solution with vitamin recommended vitamin C, B3 and B12 and digestive enzymes. Today, in the treatment are vitamin B17, coenzyme Q10 and colostrum involved.