Discover the secret strenght of herbs

Herbs not only given food only a special taste, but can also be beneficial to the health, accouring to Daily Mail reports.

For anemia
Rosemary: Rosemary leaves are rich in iron, whose deficiency can cause fatigue and anemia. This herb also contains carnosine which can protect the brain from harmful free radicals while reducing the risk of stroke and neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's diseases, according to a study published in the Journal of Neurochemistry.
For blood pressure
Basil: There are studies that show that the extract of the plant reduces blood pressure in the same way as medicaments. It is believed that basil affects the level of endothelin, a protein that acts as a powerful vasoconstrictor, that causes narrowing of the blood vessels.
For diabetes
Fenugreek: According to a study the Center for diabetes research in the Indian Jaipur, the daily intake of fenugreek seed extract in diabetics improve blood sugar control and decreases insulin resistance. Fenugreek also increases the insufficient supply of breast milk. This spice is a traditional mean to induce labor in India, the seeds should not be used during pregnancy.
Prevent Food Poisoning
Coriander: Coriander oil has proven successful in the fight against food poisoning caused by the bacteria Campylobacter, per Journal of Medical Microbiology. Chicken and red meat (especially ground beef) can carry Campylobacter, which can cause illness if the food is insufficiently treated with heat. Coriander seeds (which are base oils) can be added to hamburger and chicken dishes.
For mood and memory
Sage: A study showed that patients taking the capsules with high doses of sage essential oil significantly improved their mood. In older people, says an Australian study, it was shown that an extract of sage improves memory and attention. It is believed that this plant prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine, a chemical compound associated with concentration and good memory.
For gastric ulcer
Cardamom: If you had a stomach ulcer, try adding cardamom rice pudding. Indian scientists have discovered that an extract of cardamom oil protects the gastric mucosa and works against ulcers.