The best plants for weight loss

The best plants for weight loss

Tinktura will introduce you to the 12 plants that like your liver and help in the detoxification of the body. These herbs also stimulate the metabolism, reduce appetite and help with weight loss.

1. DANDELION – dandelion root is rich in inulin, and it is a great help in weight loss, body detoxification, stimulates the liver and pancreas to work harder, but because of its flavonoids it also comes with anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. Diuretics are plants and herbal remedies that stimulate the kidneys to work harder ie. induce urination. Dandelion root helps with diabetes ie. in the regulation of the lowering of blood sugar.

2. COUCH GRASS – rhizome creeping twitch is rich in silica, and other medicinal substances and helps with problems such as fatty liver (steatosis hepatis), elevated blood lipids, and by encouraging the kidneys to completely cleanses the blood of toxins.

3. NETTLE – the leaves and the root are almost indispensable ingredients for tea and herbal drops for blood cleansing, liver stimulation, lowering of blood fat, to increase the circulation. Nettle helps the liver to secrete more bile in the gall bladder, and thus facilitate the digestion of fatty foods and help in melting of gall sand or stone.

4. BUCKTHORN – bark buckthorn (Frangula) enhances peristalsis. Thus the active frangulin and glukofrangulin accelerate bowel movement and accelerate the passage of food through the digestion. This helps the resorption of nutrients (and thus the fat), which will be smaller to facilitate weight loss. And buckthorn (like nettle and dandelion), affects the improvement of liver function, ie. the secretion of bile.

5. MINT – the peppermint plant is captivating with its refreshing scent of menthol which the plant has to contain, least-40%. Mint provides a pleasant taste of tea, helps in the metabolism and everything that I have already stated. It also helps with gastritis and in tea blends keeps our stomach, reduces flatulence, inflammation and spasms.

6. FENNEL – essential oils of the fennel fruits (replacing the anise, cumin or coriander) help against flatulence, gastritis, stomach, liver or gall bladder pain. They help in the digestion of fatty foods. Therefore, fennel and its replacement call plants that have a carminative action in the body.

7. PLANTAE – elder flowers are diuretics and immunostimulatory. Through its activities, but also smell and taste, it perfectly fits into tea blends that help in detoxification and weight loss, but also with weight loss and immunity raising. It purifies the body and further through increased sweating (but do not worry, not too much).

8. CHAMOMILE – chamomile flowers posses anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile essential oil helps with gastritis and hepatitis, enhances diuresis of the kidneys, stimulates sweating, helps in the metabolism, with flatulence and nausea. In contrast to the above-mentioned plants Chamomile is the first plant that has a mild sedative effect – it helps us against stress, nervousness, hunger, calms us and helps us sleep.

9. LEMON BALM – essential oil of lemon balm soothes and relaxes the body, calms the pain and spasms, facilitates sleep. It smells nice and clean (unadulterated) essential oil of lemon balm is one of the most expensive ones on the market.

10. BLUEBERRY – blueberries leaves contain a greater amount of myrtillin, medicinal active substances that regulate the level of bloood sugar, stimulates the pancreatic secretion of insulin, stimulates the metabolism.

11. JUNIPER – fruits or juniper berries are rubefacient – enhancing circulation and kidney, liver and gall bladder function. The fruits is used in tea or as herbal drops, essential oil is an essential ingredient of the oil and massage cream cellulite ie. to heat the skin, subcutaneous tissues and stimulate circulation. The better the circulation the better and faster are all the toxins removed out of our circulatory system ie. from the body.

12. HIBISKUS – hibiscus flowers generally contain fruit acids and plenty of vitamin C (and pomegranate). In this case we will be captive by the flavor, aroma and beautiful red of its tea, and the body will appreciate the vitamin C as well as the antioxidants.

There you go, we just told a short story about the 12 medicinal plants, these 12 ‘apostle’ of our health, our good metabolism, a healthy liver, gall bladder and pancreas. However, medicinal plants has always can be variously combined and dosed. With the tea herbal drops (tinctured) should be consumed as well. We also recommend a massage once a week or at least at home, take a bath or peeling with coarse sea salt, a little olive oil in which you dissolve a few drops of essential oil of rosemary, juniper, lavender and pine or coriander and these ingredients are variable).

And finally – in an effort to offer the liver and the body a better function only a few cups of health are more then plenty. We need to increase the physical activity and caloric expenditure, and reduce the intake of food, especially fatty, sugary, caloric foods. It’s most difficult, but there is no way around it. In slowly carrying about their own, for health, we must make an effort and go through quite a hard time. Medicinal plants help us. Give them your hand and gently (decisively) include a cup of hot and fragrant tea, a cup for your health, your cup of happiness and satisfaction.