How to make Chai

Chai is the ideal beverage during those the chilly days. It brings warmth to the body, warms and pampered our every cell. Energizes, stimulates digestion and circulation, strengthens the immune system. Chai is very tasty and very healthy. Has its roots in India. In the last 2-3 years has actually become a very poular in the whole world. The combination of whole milk, spices (usually ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves), black tea and honey. I do not know anyone who does not like Chai. When you serve it to your friends and clients, they drink it with pleasure and always ask for more.
We have long searched for the ideal recipe. It is not easy to strike the right balance of spices for the tea to become extra nice. After a stubborn few days, trying on and trying on finally reached the ideal recipe for Chai and now being with great pleasure being able to share with you:
Boil 12 dcl of water, and add:
• Cinnamon - 2 sticks
• Cardamom - 16 grains
• Clove - 12 pieces
• Black pepper - 24 grains
• Ginger - 2 inches of roots, peel and chop
• stick of vanilla (optional)
Boil the spices in water, in a closed lid, 20-30 minutes. At the end of cooking add 1 teaspoon of black tea and 2 cups of warm milk. Remove from heat. In mildly chilled chai (drink is warm, but of course not too hot), add honey (honey should not go in hot - must be max 35 degree C).
While chai cooks, the whole house smells ... of love ... of winter spice aromas. Ideal for warming before Christmas.

~ Ayurvedic note ~

Chai is ideal for vata and kapha dosha, while the person with dominant Pitta DOS should consume it in moderation.

~ Why is Chai so healthy? ~

Thanks to the ingredients ...

Cardamom promotes health in a 1,000 ways. It regulates and improves digestion and reduces mucus in the lungs and airways. It helps with asthma and cough. From India it spread around the world, and is appreciated as one of the best digestive stimulants. Cardamom warms the body and enhances the sweet and peppery flavor. One of the most expensive spices, only saffron is more expensive.

He is called a panacea. One of the healthiest spices, working on all organs and the whole body, suitable for all three dose. It accelerates the digestive fire (agni), absorbs and neutralizes toxins (ama) in the intestinal tract, enhances the secretion of digestive enzymes and juices, including bile and saliva, and relieves pain in the stomach (especially fresh ginger). Its ingredients make the bowels smoother and speed up the movement of food - by reducing inflation and other inconveniences. Tea made from fresh ginger relieves pain and acid in the stomach.

Warms the body and strengthens the vitality of the body. Destroys bacteria. Reduces inflammation of the urinary tract. Anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic. Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It is in alleviating diabetes ...

In Asia, the black pepper is one of the major spices for detoxification and rejuvenation! Excellent Ayurvedic preparation for sinus congestion: brew black pepper in milk, strain and drink. Also, the consumption of black pepper with honey in the morning cleans toxins from the body. It stimulates the absorption of nutrients into the body. It stimulates circulation, reduces blood pressure and prevents osteoporosis. Instantly strengtens the libido. Also very good in the prevention of liver cancer.

It relieves pain, particularly toothache. It stimulates circulation in the stomach and lungs, and stimulates the lymph circulation. Prevents cancer of the digestive system, reduces inflammation of the joints and has antibacterial properties.