What do you need to know about preparing juices

Preparing juice from fresh fruit and vegetables is the best thing you can do for yourself and your body. Once you realize the true benefits of freshly squeezed juices, you will stop the consumption of purchased ones. What do You need to pay attention to?

Your current health
First of all, fruit juices can cause a sharp rise in blood sugar. In healthy people this is not a problem because the sugars from fruit natural and easily digestible. If you are healthy, likelihood of getting diabetes is very small.
It is not true that children and adults are becoming obese due to fruit juices. Obesity and diabetes are caused by improper diet and lack of activity. However, if you suffer from diabetes or candidiasis, talk to your doctor about drinking freshly squeezed juices. If you want to regulate your blood sugar levels you need to change your habits, and as far as juices, better choices are vegetable juices. If you suffer from a fungal infection, be sure to talk to your doctor.
Vegetable juices should not pose a problem, indeed. Some types of vegetables can regulate blood sugar and improve overall health, especially when consumed as juice.

What can you expect?
When you start to consume highly nutritious food, your body will start to release of toxins. For example, when you stop the consumption of "pickup" energy such as coffee or juice full of sugar, you will notice that your headache eased.
How toxins travel throughout the body, thus causing pain which can manifest as headache, joint pain or fatigue.
Be prepared that when you start out by eating healthy foods, you can feel the lack of energy, which is the cause of the regeneration process.

When to drink fresh juices?
Best to be drunken on an empty stomach, and one hour before the first meal. After a fresh juice the body craves for food and will absorb whatever you eat.
When you drink juice on an empty stomach, your body quickly absorbs all the nutrients. For this reason, breakfast needs to be healthy, because if you enter something unhealthy, your body will just absorb unhealthy substances.
There is a myth that citrus fruit are not good to be consumed in the morning because of the acidity. However, citrus fruits come with alkaline effects and deserves at least a try as the consumption in the morning. The general rule is that the fruit juice drunken in the first half of the day will satisfy the body's need for carbohydrates and energy. Towards end the day, drink fruit juices which contain less sugar.

From what to make the juice?
If you are just starting, start with fruit that is your favorite. Try it with ingredients that are easily digestible such as apples, carrots, oranges or watermelon.
After a while, you will want to start experimenting. Begin to mix fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and green apples.
Vegetable juice is not everyones first choice, but you get used to them and they will be as tasty as fruit juice.
Let the ngredients be as diverse as possible.

To maintain health at its peak, your body needs adequate amount of:
• essential fatty acid
• vitamins
• minerals
• enzymes
• essential amino acids
• carbohydrates
• fibers
• proteins
• water

How safe are fruit juices?
Although they have significant health benefits, there are things which concerns many people.

If you do not belong to a group of people who already suffer from these conditions, fruit juices are healthy for you. People often ask if they can get diabetes from fruit juices. The answer is clear - no! No one ever got sick from any disease because they drank fruit juices.
In healthy persons body natural sugar is easily degradable, unlike refined sugar which is toxic to the body. Fruit juices have a low glycemic index, which means it will not cause a sudden fall and rise in blood glucose.
However, if you suffer from diabetes, you should consult with your doctor about any dietary changes.

We know that commercial fruit and vegetables are grown with the help of pesticides and other chemicals. This is something we can not avoid, because we're not all lucky ones who can eat food from their own garden.
One way to remove the toxins from fruits and vegetables is to soak them in clean water mixed with apple vinegar and a little salt. However, this chemical only takes away from the surface of fruits and vegetables.
To the pesticides to a minimum dip uncut fruits and vegetables in the said mixture and let stand for about 10 minutes. Rinse and repeat several times. You may notice that the water takes on an unpleasant odor, which means that you eliminate pesticides with fruits and vegetables.
Also, there are juicers that are made in a way to reduce the presence of pesticides in the juice. If you can, invest in such a juicer.

Listen to your body
Drinking juices should be a pleasant experience. Juices should be tasty and healthy. After a glass of juice your stomach should be quiet the next few hours. If you experience any unpleasant sensation, it is possible that something entered your body which doesn't suit it .

Drink the juice immediately
Making juice takes about 15 minutes, if you do not include the removal of pesticides. Once you squeeze juice drink it immediately. Namely, if the juice is exposed to air for a long time it can lose its medicinal properties.

Properly clean the juicer
This is one of the most important things. If the juicer is dirty, the juice will be anything but healthy. After making juice juicer rinse well with water. For the parts that water can't easily wash, use an unused toothbrush.