Three secrets of homeopathic healing

Unlike allopathic medicine, homeopathy applies the principle of "Let like be cured by like" and activates the vital force of the body.
Homeopathy is a branch of alternative medicine, which was founded by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century.
This effective system of healing the sick person stimulates the body's natural tendency to heal. Homeopathy uses only products from natural substances in highly diluted quantities.
The word homeopathy (from the Greek homoios - similar and pathos - disease) reflects its fundamental principle - Let like be cured by like.

1. Let like be cured by like - similia similibus curentur
The principle of treatment similar cures similar means treating the sick person such means that the healthy person causes similar symptoms.
For example, a runny nose and tears from the eyes occur when cutting onions. Similar symptoms occur with colds or allergies. Therefore, in the treatment of allergies and colds homeopathy commonly used preparation on the basis of onion Allium cepa.
Hahnemann came to the discovery of the law of similarity independent ways, but it is not the first who began to apply this principle.
Act of treatment similar cures similar originates from Ayurveda. This principle has been known even by Hippocrates - the father of medicine. In his work De morbo sacro and De locis in homine Hippocrates wrote about the treatment of diseases with a drug that causes similar symptoms.
Paracelsus - famous Swiss physician of the 16th century - describes this principle in his "Paragranum".
The principle of similarity wrote the Jesuits and philosopher Descartes. This principle of this kind of treatment can be found in the cultures of many peoples around the world.

Unlike homeopathy, allopathic medicine uses the principle of "opposite treated opposite".
For example, infection are fought with antibiotics, fever - antipyretics, inflammation - anti-inflammatory drugs.
Homeopathy goes much deeper than treating the symptoms or secondary causes. Rather it triggers the defense system of the organism and thus helps the system to heal itself.
Restoring natural vital forces of the body is another fundamental principle of homeopathy.

2. Vitalism
Vitalism is the principle according to which diseases are due to disorders of the vital balance in the body. This principle is found in all the ancient medical traditions of the world.
In various traditions this vital energy are called by many different names - chi, qi, prana, mana, etc.
In Ayurveda this vital energy is described as "prana" - vitality, flowing in every living being and pervades the entire universe.
Hippocrates wrote that "iators" (doctor) establishes "Stenos" - the balance of vital energy in the body of the sick person.
There are numerous factors that can undermine our natural balance. Diet, stress, lifestyle, air, polluted environment, business, human relations, even time can cause this imbalance.
If the disorder is not corrected, it will eventually cause the loss of health. Therefore, to restore the natural balance of the body is the basis of a holistic treatment.
Exactly this principle is used in homeopathy. Homeopathic doctor is trying to find the cause of disturbance of the natural energy of sick people, and then correct it with the help of natural homeopathic remedies.

3. Informed medicines
Diluting the homeopathic remedies Hahnemann eliminate the toxicity of the individual components and in this way enable the use of poisons such as belladonna, mandrakes and aconitum for medicinal purposes.
Hahnemann continued to experiment with further increasing the dilution of preparations. Paradoxically, the more diluted, the more effective the homeopathic remedy.
Modern science warns that homeopathic medicines diluted to such an extent that they no longer contain traces of molecular medicine. No one can explain the action of homeopathic remedies so it is attributed to the placebo effect.
However, the placebo effect is not effective in babies, animals and plants, where homeopathy also proved to be very effective.
The latest research of water explain this mystery of homeopathy. Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto discovered that water has memory and can absorb and transmit information.
Informed medicines are used not only in homeopathy. In ancient Ayurvedic medicine in making medicines were uttered special mantra, which they crossed with medicine and gave him even greater power.
Nowadays, alternative doctors use the full range of informed product: jewelry, cups, mouse pads and water, stickers for mobiles etc.

Celebrities who used homeopathy
Modern medicine can not explain the three principles of homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy declared charlatanism, and its healing effects are attributed to the placebo effect.
But the experience of many customers show otherwise. Homeopathy has been and remains the most popular branch of medicine in the world. (Classical medicine is only in fourth place after Chinese medicine, homeopathy and herbal medicine.)
A list of celebrities who have used homeopathy is long, and some of them are:
• Darwin
• Mark Twain
• Bernard Shaw
• Conan Doyle
• Goethe
• Beethoven
• Chopin
• Paul McCartney
• George Harrison
• Annie Lennox
• Tina Turner
• English royal family
• Mother Teresa
• at least 11 American presidents (Lincoln, Tyler, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Harrison, McKinley, Coolidge, Harding, Hoover and Clinton).
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