How do You feel when You see a fast food sign

Fast Food

When the 'fast food' chains saw the light of day, the idea was simple: fast and cheap food which will allow people to eat a quick meal and return to their daily work responsibilities. It was believed that this would help increase the level of efficiency. The idea proved to be effective, the consumption of fast food in America in the last three decades has increased by as much as 500%, and the brain is eventually learned to recognize the signs of fast food as a sign to hurry. According to research at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management, just looking at the famous character of fast food can cause impatience. During the study, participants were exposed for a short time logo leading fast food chain. Shortly thereafter, divided them simple tasks. The results showed that the participants quickly read the book and chose products that save time as 2in1 shampoo. Researchers have linked this behavior with subliminal message fast food sign that says: Hurry up !

Why is it bad for our health?

When quickly ordering we make a decision to eat high-calorie foods. Driving to fast food is only the first step towards eating a high calorie, unhealthy meal. This could further undermine our health, according to a second study conducted at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. This study found that foods rich in fats, particularly those that contain beef, cheese, butter and sugar can prevent our resistance to insulin and the hormone that regulates the appetite, leptin. As a result, the brain is not able to communicate with us that our stomach is full and that we should stop eating.

Leptin is a hormone produced by fatty tissue, regulates energy intake and consumption and is called the satiety hormone. However in some cases the function of leptin in the body 'fails' which leads to people feeling a great hunger, and less excess calories are burned. Leptin is a substance produced by fat cells. Who has more fat cells, has more leptin which tells the brain that the body needs are fulfilled and to reduce food intake. Based on this signal, the brain reduces feelings of hunger, so people eat less. Also, leptin helps the body to burn excess calories. No wonder that fast food chains have introduced 'super size' option, ie, extra large option on their daily menu.

Fast food is one of the most popular and fastest nutrition of modern man, and the biggest cause of obesity. Doctors suggest moderation and eating more healthy meals instead of junk and fatty foods and a regular physical activity. According to the scientific journal New Scientist, Fast food can create an addiction like heroin or cocaine. Chemical processes that encourage high doses of fat, sugar and salt to the people act like hard drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Studies have shown that laboratory rats become addicted to a bad diet in the same way as people become addicted to drugs. Experiments on humans have also confirmed that fast food causes a strong desire that resembles addiction. When people show pictures of their favorite unhealthy foods, it activates the same part of the brain as when a cocaine addict shows bags of white powder. For a man to achieve a sense of satisfaction it takes more food, and thus the weight accumulates.

Fast food can cause depression, memory problems and mood swings

It is a food that is full of calories and lacks any useful nutrients. Most abounds with additives that make it taste sweet and fragrant, fat and calories. Fried foods, for example, French fries have a negative effect on health because the oil in the deep fryer does not change regularly which increases the risk of cancerous diseases. People who eat fast and industrially processed food enter refined oils that do not contain essential fatty acids necessary for healthy blood sugar levels, mood and memory into the body. If you often eat fried food containing such fat than be careful, it is bad for your heart, hormones and brain. At home, they often eat food prepared on unrefined or virgin fats and oils. With frequent consumption of fast foods often associated pancreas, colon and stomach cancer. Due to the entry of fast food, you can have problems with your digestion, it can weaken your immunity, and you will feel constant hunger. In order to have a better taste, quite a lot of sugar and fat is added, which leads to accumulation of excess weight. Processed foods cause a quick hunger and overeating. Complete foods contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats while in processing of food often remove fibers, nutrients and water. Fast food can stimulate dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of pleasure and addiction. This type of food causes a feeling of comfort for which we yearn therefore slowly becoming 'addicted'.